Dope? doing drugs

:eek: OMG you've been through hell!

I mapped it! If you ever need a copy, just let me know.
Dante's version is soooo dated!

I'm all good now, though!
I'll wait for old age to be pilled out of my head, like, for the last year of my life, whether I have any pain or not!
It is my understanding that getting pills is the consolation prize for having to get old and die.
I hope that hasn't changed!
Your a very lucky bhoy. It's next to impossible to obtain weed these days I find. Indeed if there is anyone out there who can offer advice on how and where to purchase the lovely stuff (North London) I'd be very grateful.

got a mate who lives in woodgreen. went to see him earlier in the year and got some lovely green round that area.
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