Dont deal with mike heaton owner of morrissey madness



I wonder how people he has ripped off! Must admit, I've never heard of the site before! But still....
It's funny his son would come to the most known Morrissey forum site and spread all of this news!
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WOW... that's disturbing... you mean, people still use myspace???
Haha, that cracked me up Flax. I never have bought anything from him.


First someone might want to verify that the person posting is who he says he is. I'm not saying it's not. Then we could find out how to view the evidence if this is some sort of online trial.


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Haha, that cracked me up Flax. I never have bought anything from him.
I bought from him before and never had a problem. I don't care about people's personal lives. And since I don't buy autographs, I don't really care whether the autograph accusation is true or not. ;)


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I've bought stuff from Mike in the past and I've always been happy with him - he has probably supplied half of my promo poster collection. I don't collect autographs so I couldn't comment on any of that - although we have our very own witch finder general thread for that sort of stuff

Certainly wouldn't want to get involved in any online character assassinations without knowing anything about him or his family. He used to visit this site from time to time, so maybe we will hear from him?

Like the rest of the world his myspace page is two years out of date :)



I think I mentioned on some other thread that most of the signed items (if not all) on MM are fakes. They're not even good ones.


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I agreed with Mikael and Nathan.

This is what I have observed for a while now. Most(99%) of the signed group pics are fakes. All the recent Morrissey signed photos are 99% fake. A couple of signed vinyls which goes for 300-400 pounds are authentic examples, you can see the differences. The signed What Difference Does It Make 12" with Morrissey on cover is authentic. There are some fake signed vinyls thrown in though, for good measure.

If you don't buy autographs from him, then you are quite safe. His non signed items like posters, t shirts are ok but exorbitantly priced.
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I have bought from Mike in the past and was always satisfied. However, since then someone told me that some of his posters are reproductions, not originals. Also, someone else who is an expert in gold/silver awards believes that some of the ones Mike is selling are not real RIAA/BPI awards. I'm no expert in those fields, but I thought I ought to relay this information, for what it's worth.



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hi fellow mozz fans.

i just joined cos i saw this thread & was starting to worry. i am collecting original promo smiths posters-the 21x11.5 size. i saw the morrisseymadness site & went from there.

SO are his posters legit & original promo ones? or not???? One post in this thread suggests some of his posters are repro's. is this true? & does anyone know which ones are "fakes". i ask cos i got some posters from him recently. in my dealings so far he seems OK.

am i worrying about nothing? what have you guys experiences with Mike been like in the past?

great site by the way-think i'll be back here a lot ;-)

peace & love to all, orangebud


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My wife bought me a few days ago a signed "Sheila Take A Bow" 12" for the birth of my 1st child... Seeing the DIY C.O.A, I suppose it's a DIY signed Item as well... We're really sad and disappointed... I'm not a expert, but let me know if you think it's a real one...



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Just to let you know, readers:

I've asked a famous journalist, who's a real Smiths fan, to check my signed item. He's got a few signed copies, during the times, as he's met the band and morrissey for interviews etc. He's certifying me it's not a fake. He even told me that members of the band didn't sign the same way everytime. That's the only C.O.A I need, trust me!

About, when I wrote an angry mail, Mike answered me a few minutes later, trying to convince me sincerely that my signed item is genuine and telling me shortly his story about his son.

I don't know what you think about it, but if I was used to sell fake items to make money, I wouldn't answer. Just pretending to be dead. Or I wouldn't waste my time to write down a long answer.

So I think you can trust, now that I believe (what else matters,finally?!) that it's a genuine item!

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