"Don't buy my music" - Tim Jonze, The Guardian

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By Uncleskinny on Dec 1, 2011 at 7:52 PM
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    Mentions Morrissey and this site.

    Don't buy my music - The Guardian

    Why is Elvis Costello telling fans not to buy a new box set of his music? Tim Jonze reports on the fine art of career sabotage
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    1. Anonymous
      Way ahead of you Elvis. I have never bought your music. Why is this on a Morrissey site btw?
    2. klaus
      "It's a balancing act Morrissey, for one, hasn't mastered. Two years ago, he warned fans away from two singles box sets on the understandable, but less empathetic, grounds that he "receives no royalty payments from EMI or any back catalogue". His flirtation with career hara-kiri recently went a step further when he banned Morrissey fansite editor David Tseng from a show he'd flown halfway across the world to attend."
    3. celibate
      oh no him again, this site must have a filter with Jonze definately in itsorry for Oakland folks, thread is too big, so write here I hope they get threre money back, or maybe it will rescheduled in december after the last dates so far
    4. Anonymous too
      Anonymous too
      That's because you have no fucking taste in music you ignorant twat. Elvis is brilliant

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