Doncaster - The Dome (Sep. 30, 2022) post-show

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How Soon Is Now? / We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful / Our Frank / Knockabout World / First Of The Gang To Die / Have-A-Go Merchant / Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings / I Am Veronica / Rebels Without Applause / Frankly, Mr. Shankly / My Hurling Days Are Done / Half A Person / Bonfire Of Teenagers / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Never Had No One Ever / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / The Loop / Jack The Ripper // Irish Blood, English Heart

Setlist courtesy of 'Jim Jim Falls'.

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First time seeing Moz for me and I was nearly sick half way through. Apologies to anyone I had to get past to get out and eternal gratitude and love to the usher who sang half a person with me outside and the medics who were kindness personified.
Does anyone have pics of merch stand at Doncaster. Or was there anything different for sale from the other 2 UK shows
Saw one:


Nothing too detailed though.
The band sounds easy, loose, jonesy, natural, organic, and utterly sublime. Everybody is meshing extraordinarily well with each other. Moz sounds better than great! I am astonished how well Alain and Jesse work together. To be honest I thought they would clash. I am a huge Boz fan and I never in a million years thought that his leaving the band would be a good thing. (Sorry Boz!) This lineup has that indefinably magical musical chemistry that is so rarely found these days.

On the downside, it's sad that Moz has lost so many longtime fans. He won't be getting many of them back. I am friends with former fans that just wave me off when I mention his name. They say that they just cant listen to him anymore.

Thank you for sharing your view on the band. Despite the unfortunate fact that I haven't seen them live, I get the same feeling just by watching the videos.

I'm sorry to hear about your friends that are former fans, but I guess that's the price Moz pays for being true to himself, and sometimes, misundertood.

I'm glad to see that there are many of us, all over the world, that can see through some of M's views, reach for the core of his artistic and human soul and stick to him.

Cheers! :) 🇧🇷
not sure why merch would vary between shows unless sold out…
Another spectacular night. This man is so not over.
Ciggy in his gob all the way through
Our Frank. Amazing. Funny. Brilliant....

I concur. I've seen Moz many times from '91 on and Friday night was the real deal, impossible to fake. Intensity, drama, conviction, humour, great voice, thunderous sound. If he's in decline, give me decline. The fairweather froth spectators of the arenas are not needed, the man seems happy with his core fanbase. Magnificent concert.
not sure why merch would vary between shows unless sold out…
Well , I'm just checking on if there was any Isolated shirts or one offs just for this particular show. But like you said there isn't and really hasn't been any since Mporium came aboard . But had to a collector of his tour shirts the one I'd want is
This one but good luck on least until tour is over


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The very gentle crooner in the dinner suit, black and white pictures, can anyone help me with the artist and song? Circa mid way through the pre-film. Thank you!
Andy Williams
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