Dolores O'Riordan RIP

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    Jun 9, 2008
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    Jun 13, 2006
    Terrible shame, Dolores was a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice and someone I admired greatly. 46 is way too young to die. The Cranberries along with Suede were the class acts of the 90's (apart from Morrissey, obviously).
  3. SuedeMoz

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    Jul 24, 2013
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    Yeah, I remember the tour where the Cranberries opened for Suede (1993?) and then went on to be the bigger selling band. RIP indeed Delores O'Riordan.
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  4. Case

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    Nov 1, 2017
    After seeing Moz in November, the Cranberries had become the band I wanted to see live the most. Selfishly, I'm disappointed that will never happen now. Beautiful woman, beautiful voice, and a real shame.
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    What a sad news, that's terrible. Over the past week I can't stop listening to The Cranberries, can't believe she's gone already. The Cranberries was the first band that I was really into and my favourite band in the 90's (and even an obsession).
    As a teenager I was in love with Dolores. Therefore, discovering and loving The Smiths and Morrissey was a natural evolution in my musical taste. I still have listened to them from time to time and followed Dolores and The Cranberries' career. After I missed their visit in my country in 2000, I was really hoping to catch them after they re-unite in 2009, but now the chance is gone.

    Dolores was like an angel to me, her voice and talent was a gift. I'll miss her.
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  6. Nathalie

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    I have five albums of Cranberries. I followed them from No Need to argue until Wake up and Smell the Coffee, included.

    At Capela or accompanied, she never sang : Her voice was becoming force, a high shout against violence and despair, out of the deepest of her guts. She was striking in each performance of her protest. Honest. In concert, everything she screamed, repressed, instantly was printed on her face. All her muscles and veins were prominent, tensing up. She could sing death, war with so much power and emotionally charged, with her heart, her reason and her instincts. It is a beautiful soul, a beautiful lady and a beautiful damned (I mean tormented) who has gone to join, I hope, the Great Peace.

    (hope I was clear. In case of, in French :)

    J’ai cinq albums des Cranberries. Je les ai suivis depuis No Need To Argue jusqu’à Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, inclus.

    A capela ou accompagnée, elle ne chantait jamais : sa voix devenait force, un cri élevé contre la violence et le désespoir, sortis du plus profond de ses tripes. Elle était saisissante dans chaque prestation de sa protestation. Honnête. En concert, tout ce qu’elle hurlait, réprimait, s’imprimait instantanément sur son visage. Tous ses muscles et ses veines saillaient, se crispaient. Elle pouvait chanter la mort, la guerre avec tant de puissance et chargée d’émotions, avec son cœur, sa raison et son instinct. C’est une belle âme, une belle dame et une belle damnée (je veux dire tourmentée) qui est partie rejoindre, j’espère, la Grande Paix.
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