DOLL & THE KICKS - Manchester - Sept 25th


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Venue: Sub61, Artillery Street, Manchester (behind Walkabout)
Date: Friday 25th Sept
Doors: 7.30pm
Tickets: £6 - available from

"DATK are all attitude; radiating confidence, striking poses and delivering high quality, driven, eccentric pop. Singer Doll's voice is a perfectly spotless hybrid of Kate Bush and Gwen Stefani. Her energy is frantic yet focused and she works the crowd like a pro." ARTROCKER

"Doll & The Kicks pull off some damn hard sugary rock that scratches like it's the biggest bitch in the playground." THE SOURCE

"Full on feisty versatile firecracker of a band Doll and the Kicks confirmed to all and sundry that heavy can also be melodic, varied and fun. With bold time changes and glorious melodies Doll and the Kicks are never dull." BBC SOUTHERN COUNTIES.

"Brighton band with kooky girl singer who comes on like Lene Lovich, Kate Bush, Toyah and Wendy James all rolled into one. Commercially alluring , punky and catchy fare." LONDON BUGBEAR PROMOTIONS

"Doll bounces around the stage with the look and energy of a young Blondie....With floor-filling dance tunes such as Just 16, Always Been Her and Disco Queen, the music easily matches the glamour the band projects." ENTS24.COM

"Back up at The Park, the BBC Introcuding Stage was the place to be for emerging new talent, giving some of Britain's hottest new talent the chance to play the legendary mudfest. Doll and the Kicks outshone the others, with a set of danceable indie rock tracks that sit nicely between the likes of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Rapture.

Their all-too-brief set edged from the more frenetic tracks built over their strong rhythm section to the more vocally-driven Kate Bush-esque tracks but the best moments were when the two sides of the band came together during the last couple of numbers. Throwing countless shirts out to the crowd that squeezed under the undercover area to avoid the rain, the-four-guys-and-a-girl genuinely relished a festival experience they'll be hoping to reprise in coming years." GLASTONBURY REVIEW FROM AUSTRALIAN MUSIC SITE - FASTERLOUDER.COM.AU


'We will never be a 'the' band, we will never be 'The Killers' or 'The Courteeners’

'The. The. The' which translates to Der. Die. Das in German are no more a whisper or a rumour. Josh Smith, Daniel Sutcliffe, Oliver Pinfold, David Grant and Darryl Jordan together make up the experimental electro five piece from Macclesfield. Influenced by 80's bands such as Human League and modern day greats such as Kings Of Leon the band truly do create a unique sound.

As you probably know, all bands start somewhere. Der. Die. Das are no different. Josh Smith, Fred Wildgoose and Darryl Jordan, all existing members of an older band 'Never Played On The Radio' were joined in December 08 by ex band manager Daniel Sutcliffe on synthesizer and David Grant on bass guitar. Later, guitarist Fred Wildgoose left the band and was replaced by band friend, Olly Pinfold.

It is no hidden secret that Ian Curtis' Joy Division originated from Macclesfield. The footsteps in which to follow couldn't be any bigger but Der. Die. Das are determined to make 2009 their year and with their first gig under the belt with under a month of being formed the band are well on their way to filling footsteps and becoming the next big thing on the Manchester Music Scene.

The Tamalas. A 4 piece from the humble dwellings of Warrington. Warrington a town famous for producing great thinkers and philosophers such as Kerry "all this for a pound" Katona and Chris "how did i pull billie piper" Evans to name but a few. With much less sarcasm but hopefully alot more respect a new generation of thinkers and philosophers have been born and it is 4 of these minds that are collectively known as The Tamalas. If you are reading this it means you must be on our myspace so if your computer has speakers and your ears work you will be listening to our music. If you like it come and and watch us live where we will play these songs and others. It really is the percfect gift for your ears. Since forming in mid 2008 the band have gone onto play sold out arena tours and release mulitple platinum selling albums. Although not all of the above is true we do however gig up and down the land and are currently recording our first EP which is about 75% finished so keep an eye out for that and other developments in our world. In turn we will strive to create the greatest collection of noises we can, call it a song and put it out for you good people to listen to/illegally download. Everybody Love Everybody



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