Does Posting About R. Kelly Make You A Better Morrissey Fan?


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I mean... Real Talk.


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Girl, if you were a number,
you'd be a perfect 10
right out of the blue skies you were heaven sent
The way we made love over and over again,
if I had to describe it wouldn't know where to begin.

oscillate wildly

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This better get merged with the other R kelly thread!! :mad:

I don't see any reason to merge it.

These "Does XXX make you a better Morrissey fan" threads are a running joke and to merge them together or to merge individual threads into other ones really defeats the purpose of the thread. Merging is really for when 2 threads are almost identical. If there is any slight variation in the reason the threads exist I don't merge them.
real talk rkelly>moz the r
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