Does Moz prefer men or women?


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As I understand he's had 'situations' with both but is it mainly men, mainly women or genuinely half rice half chips?

Was just curious (no pun intended)
Re: hmmm

Good luck ever getting a straight answer here dude. ;)

I was going to say "Can I get a rim shot please?" about your comment but my comment needed a rim shot too and then the thread would progress into a downward spiral of gay sex puns. :)
Silly question and you're only going to get stupid answers on this site. The only person who knows who he's having sex with are his close friends.
I'm sure he's f***ed Janice long though lmao!
He prefers Budgies.
Sure it wasn't a 3some with her brother,Cheggars?
Thus he has the worst of both worlds.

lmao christ thats is a funny thought!
Has he really???????? :eek:

Yeah, I read he's had sex with women and 'encounters' with men and never really liked either :straightface:

Edit: Johnny Marr said in 1984 about Moz having a 'lots of girlfriends in the past and a few men friends too'.
lock her up
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