Does Morrissey still endorse Obama? He is strangely silent nowadays!


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Morrissey gave Obama an unusual endorsement. Usually Morrissey says he despises all politicians, but in the case of Obama, he wore t-shirts showing his full-hearted support.

Check it out:

A lot of us observing American politics are concluding that Obama is the worst president America has ever had to endure, and also the most hypocritical.

Morrissey has gone silent of late, nowdays being so silly and small as to wear t-shirts attacking a web site that basically saved his career. But we won't forget that he was "in the tank" for Obama.

What gives? Was he just caught up in trendy bandwagoning because Obama was the toast of the elitist media?

Obama hasn't helped the poor, the working class, etc. Perhaps Morrissey, a singer who goes on about the working class while having NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER, doesn't know what's really goin on? Obama deepened the recession. Obama didn't end any wars, he started new ones without congressional approval, and expanded old ones. Obama didn't even close Gitmo, one of his central promises. Instead: "The Obama administration....defended its decision to interrogate a detainee for two months aboard a U.S. Navy ship, outside the reach of American law."

It's really laughable that Morrissey went in the tank for this loser. I think he needs to say something about this now that the "hope and change" Morrissey promoted has been so bad for real people in the real world. I realize Morrissey's newest songs reveal an artist who's not exactly singing songs that say anything to anyone about their lives (who gives a f*** about "The Kid's A Looker"), but I would like the artist who went to bat for the politician to follow up and comment on how his politician has performed.

I found it totally embarrassing that Morrissey wore trendy Obama t-shirts in 2008. I guess that was one of the signals that his career is about finished.

BTW, here's Obama's friend, mentor, and pastor, Jeremiah Wright, talking yet again about how much he hates white people:
Listen to how the race hustler excites the racism of his audience.

No surprise that the politician who sat in his church for 20 years is currently wrecking America.
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At least Moz isn't a Republican or a Tory, those guys really are without any redeeming qualities.


I'm not sure I know what your opinion on Obama is, Theo?

I'm not informed enough to "take sides" and I think anyone who treats politics like football and declare themselves a Republican/Democrat/Liberal/Labor/Tory/Whatever always astound me. But keeping this focused on Morrissey, lets say Obama had lived up to all his promises and then some, you wouldn't say Morrissey looked stupid then. He's not able to predict the future (although a certain Princess Dianna website would have you believe otherwise). So Morrissey supporting Obama initially should have no baring on now, maybe he has changed his mind and what of it? Again politics isn't football, he didn't jump on a losing side. Its the one time where you should be able to freely move loyalties depending on who is offering the most or doing the most good.
Personally I'd say he probably did get wrapped up in the hype surrounding the election, now that has died down obviously. But you can't blame people who hated the Bush regime for being excited at the time about someone seemingly so radically different and seeing something not seen in politics before.
He probably still would say he'd prefer Obama over a republican knowing him, but why should he constantly fly the flag at all times? He's a musician, not a politician, the time to fly the flag was at election time when it was about supporting someone different to give them a *chance* at doing something different.
Obama obviously hasn't lived up to the hype, but then again isn't hindsight wonderful.
Basically, who cares?


I hate Obama, I also hate the Right.

Nothing will change until everyone stops participating in the antiquated, meaningless tradition known as voting, and figures something better out.

Republicans, Democrats...same difference.


Obama is absolutely horrible. So many people I know have been hoodwinked and are in total awe of him. More soldiers have died in Afghanistan under Obama than under Bush!! But the protesters are quiet as lambs. I hope he gets unceremoniously tossed from office.
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