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    Dec 6, 2008
    Speculation on Morrissey's health -

    By Luke Glassford


    "One of the many blogs I follow and read on a daily basis is Crazy Days And Nights, which is a Hollywood gossip site run by an anonymous entertainment lawyer. It’s slightly trashy, but it satisfies my quick need for salacious gossip nicely! The most interesting feature of CDAN is the ‘blind items’, which involve the lawyer revealing who his previous gossip stories were about. The accuracy of the blind items are of course up for debate, but as a lawyer it’s probably safe to assume he wouldn’t be publishing anything that could be seen as libellous.

    Recently CDAN published a blind item reveal about Morrissey, which said:

    'This B list celebrity is not being honest with the public about his very serious illness because he does not want to explain how he contracted it, or answer any questions about it. He has his story and is sticking to it.'

    Now, I’ve been ruminating on the possibility of Moz having HIV or AIDS for a while now – due to his frequent hospital visits for pneumonia and other related or unidentified illnesses. I’ve never published anything about it though because, unlike his music and writing, Morrissey’s health, well-being and lifestyle choices are his own business.

    The CDAN reveal is interesting though because the comments on the site, and in various forums, suggest that there are lots of fans out there with the same opinion: Morrissey is very ill and is choosing not to make it public as that would mean admitting he is/has been a practicing homosexual."

    UPDATE Jan. 6 9:30 PM PT:

    dotmatrix1050 writes about how "Crazy Days And Nights" has been discredited by this NY Post article:

    How Crazy Days and Nights fooled Hollywood - NY Post
    Apr. 1, 2012
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2014 (read-only)' started by MORRIZSEY, Jan 5, 2014.

    1. Amy
      Seriously distasteful and intrusive speculation based on very very flimsy 'evidence' indeed. Morrissey has already admitted that he is/was a practising homosexual. Whether he is ill or not is a completely different issue and he is entitled to keep that private.
    2. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
      I've literally been saying this for years...
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    3. Mozza220559
      God this site is full of mentals.
    4. Justin Playfair
      Justin Playfair

      I saw this so-called "salacious gossip" on Christmas Day. I chose to ignore it because of the source. This person claims to be an entertainment lawyer but they could be anything. A professional bowler, a garbage man, who cares what they are. I like to read about celebrity gossip from time to time too. I just bought a National Examiner two days ago. With the headlines hollering, "Is Burt Reynolds a killer?," I couldn't resist. However, whenever I read stories from the Examiner I definitely take them with a grain of salt. Since Morrissey and his music are important to me I really bristled when I saw this paragraph about him on Christmas Day. That's the number one reason why I wanted to ignore it. And as I stated, the second reason was because of the very sketchy source. I pray that Morrissey doesn't have a serious illness. If he does I hope he knows that his fans will stand with him 100%. We'll support him 100%.
    5. zepfan1

      I agree...however he is practicing humasexual - ie both.. fyi
    6. Anonymous
      the word you're looking for is "bisexual." If "humasexual" meant "both" it wouldn't require a new ridiculous made-up word.
    7. zepfan1
      here we go again. he likes both - read the book
    8. !Viva Hate!
      !Viva Hate!
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    9. CrystalGeezer
    10. Everyone's biased but me
      Everyone's biased but me
      Regarding bias... Uncleskinny once rushed in to quash a thread (four minutes after it was posted--and the user who started it was banned soon afterward) asking if George Michael has AIDS. "I'm intrigued as to what difference it would make to you if you knew one way or the other? Surely it's a private matter?"

      Will he object to this thread (which is based one someone's very wild guess about a tabloid blind item)?

      Hell, no. Expect him to spend a sleepless night defending it, if necessary.
    11. Rosie Cheeks
      Rosie Cheeks
      Hasn't Morrissey always been quite fragile health-wise? I recall reading somewhere that his former assistant Jo Slee said he was always ill during the years she worked with him, which would be going back to the 1980s. I don't think he's ever been physically robust. His ill health is not a recent thing by any means, so I seriously doubt this AIDS suggestion. Think we should wrap up this vile and nasty thread right now.
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    12. CrystalGeezer
      He needs to dip his nib in the sweet elixer ink of a lady more often for better health. :cool:
    13. Mozza220559
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    14. CrystalGeezer
      I speak on behalf of all our inkpots. I'm like the Florence Nightengale of vaginas. :sweet:
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    15. Anonymous
      If this person is an entertainment lawyer, he's risking his bar license by gossiping about clients/former clients and breaching attorney/client confidentiality. Why refer to the internationally beloved and famous play-dude as a "B list celebrity" anyway? That's how you know the gossip is bull-poop. Also, Moz fully disclosed in an interview that he was once "dying" and he explained the medical reasons behind it.


    16. Anonymous
      Doesn't Amy the Beatles fan often post ignorant judgments about Moz on a Moz fan board because she hates that he tells the truth about murder?


    17. left right
      left right
      Like more than few female Soloists, she's interested in Moz primarily as a pin-up.

      Hence you can say ANYTHING about him--except that he's gay.
    18. Bluebirds
      This is really worthy of inclusion as news and being on the main page...

      I shit you not. Go on I'm dying (if you'll pardon the pun) to know why unsubstantiated gossip by some anonymous source on the internet can be deemed as news?

      And why was it not put on the front page when it first appeared around Christmas time?

      So so low
    19. CrystalGeezer
      For the same reason that Morrissey can liken eating meat to Auschwitz. It's an opinion.

      Solo isn't the target. That's like blaming the earth for creating oil spills. THe target is the person who wrote the shit, not the people making it available to dissect.
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