Does anyone else remember when Moz was nominated for a Grammy Award?!


I vaguely remembered Moz being nominated for a Grammy Award back in 1993, before I was at 'super-fan' stage. :D So, I did some quick internet research...

Check out this link!!!

Scroll about halfway down; it's under "Best Alternative Music Performance," just to the right of it, you see Moz included in the other three nominees.

The Grammys are a HUGE deal! How awesome would that have been if he'd won?

(And please, no America-hatin', please. I'm fully aware of how many awards Moz has gotten in the UK, but never in America. This could've been huge for him! Oh well.)

So, are we sort of glad he didn't win? (Based on the American musical scene now, that is. ;) ) Nah, American taste in music was much better then...


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For someone of his stature, he's actually received very few awards in the UK. I think the first time the Brits have ever acknowledged his existence was with Quarry. The Smiths were ignored by them in the eighties and Morrissey was ignored throughout the nineties.

Morrissey is a bit like Martin Scorsese in that way. Always losing to artists that sell better but are forgotten within a few years. I wonder how many of the albums on this years Mercury list will actually be remembered in a couple of years.


I don't recall the Grammy thing, but I do remember that he collected an Ivor (Ivor Novello) award from Anthony Newley in 1998.

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Moz was nominated for a Brit in 1995 as well (for Vauxhall) I remember cos the night of the Brits he was playing in Cardiff St Davids Hall. Think Paul Weller won it.

As for the Grammy nomination I remember it well. 1992 (well for Your Arsenal anyway) I remember the NME coming up with a ridiculous story (qu'elle surprise!) that Moz and Prince had met at the Grammys and were going to record a duet!!!

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I'm actuaIIy gIad that MOZ Iost the Grammys.......These "music" award shows are aII about popuIarity and saIes...there is absoIuteIy NO integrity to them.

Moz and other other true artist are too good for this farse.......The Oscars are another one of these shows who award popuIarity over taIent.....once in a whiIe they wiII give it to a deserving person [Adrien Brody, Frances McDormand] but 95% of the time it's aII BuIIshit! Scorsese wiII get his honorary Oscar one day after being screwed for 3 consecutive'II be sad though! Robert AItman was screwed for many years, so they feIt guiIty and finaIIy gave him a pitty statuette before he dies.
MeanwhiIe.... Redford, Costner, Gibson, and other 1st time actor-directors win on their 1st nomination for mediocre crap movies because of their popuIarity. :rolleyes:

PS- Did Moz show up to the Grammys? [my guess is NO but not 100% sure.]


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Yes, I remembered that Your Arsenal was noninated for a Grammy that year. Unfortunately, he lost out to Tom Waits.

No, he didn't perform. They rarely ask nominees for Best Alternative to perform at the Grammys, and if he was asked at the time, he wouldn't do it.

Wow, he had some great competition; B52s, XTC and the freakin Cure?!
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I saw him on a picture with beer & Brett Anderson :D
on an award thing...Will try to find it again (somewhere on that motorcycle au pair site or something)


Yeah, I've also always wondered if he went to the 1993 Grammys (for albums released in 1992).

Doesn't seem like he would've, but then again, it is one of only two truly 'big' American awards ceremonies (the other being the Academy Awards/Oscars), so, who knows?

Anyone here know?
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