Do you think Morrrissey realizes how good looking he is?

Fascinating question, Mute.

Hmmm. I don't know whether he is aware of the extent of his attractiveness. He certainly does and always has seemed to take a huge amount of pride and care in his appearance and aesthetic. Also, there seems to be a physical confidence in him somewhere, but some people do find that they can fake that quite well.

I think that the answer to this is best summed up by the contributor to TIOBM (cannot remember his name right now) who said something to the effect of "I think Morrissey sees himself as both the most attractive and the most hideous thing on Earth" (paraphrasing here).

I'm very interested to see other people's responses to this, actually.

When he was questioned what he thought about himself he had said he didn't like himself
I don't know that he thinks that much of himself, but it matters to him desperately how much other people like him. And I think he knows he has his fans...
He often gazes at the "working-class face" in the full size mirror on his bedroom ceiling and indulges his one loose hand. .
Recently Morrissey said something rather poignant along the lines of: "I was quite handsome when I was young." I think he's clearly none too thrilled with the current state of things.

However, Morrissey must know how glamorous he still is. He must, or he'd cease to be Morrissey.
"I think Morrissey sees himself as both the most attractive and the most hideous thing on Earth" (paraphrasing here).

That sounds about right, to me. I've always felt he finds other people's reactions to his looks faintly odd and amusing. Even back when he was going out of his way to appear in unflattering ways with the gawky glasses and the ill-fitting clothes, people were drooling. Perhaps that would appeal to his quirky sense of humour. I get a sense of that when I see the recent nudie pictures, too. "Ta-da! Nude 50-year-old man!" He's being playful with other people's expectations of his appearance and manner.

Finding yourself attractive and taking pride in one's appearance are two different things. He certainly takes pleasure in grooming and styling, whether or not he's swooning at the sight of himself every morning.
I think he has problems with his lisp (I myself like it :o )
But other than that, he doesn't fool me, he knows what he's got :thumb:
.....but life is about more then being really really really ridiculously good looking.
It is? Shhhhit. That's me screwed. ;)

well he certainly knows he's attractive when he's on E:D
Q: Have you taken Ecstasy?

Yes I have. I've taken it a couple of times. The first time I took it was the most astonishing moment of my life. Because - and I don't want to sound truly pathetic - I looked in the mirror and saw somebody very, very attractive. It was astonishing for that hour, or for however long it was, to look into the mirror and really, really like what came back at me.
Interesting question.
I'd say he loves pretending he doesn't. :p
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