Do you think Morrissey will re-launch "World Peace"?


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I'm optimistic that "Low In High School" will be relatively well-received and that there won't be the typical falling-out with BMG within the next year. I can see a re-release of "World Peace" being a good bridge between touring "Low In High School" and hopefully another new album.

Do you think he's still planning to re-release it? Inb4 "I sure f***ing hope not!"

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If this album makes enough money (which it won't), they will re-release it.

I'm sure the Morrissey and BMG deal will implode as soon as he gets on stage with a mic and whines about how no one helped him get a #1 album.


no think its had its day,the songs have been sung to death live over the last two years.time for the new songs to be heard live.
re-release world peace world peace is none of your business
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