Do you think Morrissey of 1983 would enjoy LIHS



If he listened to the album then what do you think he would say about it ? I would imagine he’d be very critical about it personally

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He would be AMAZED at how good he got at singing!!!!!

The Smiths first album is probably my favourite of the Smiths era (but because it's the first I listened to)... but Morrissey had not developed yet the full potential of his voice (the only exception is probably "Hand in Glove", in which he sung marvelously). By the time of "Meat if Murder" he was by far a better singer.

I really believe that if a time-traveller brought him LIHS to 1983, he would have been extremely surprised at how good he got at singing.

(which does not mean that I dislike his first album, it's fantastic, even my favourite, but his voice got so much better after the first album).

At least for me it is obvious that he became a better singer.


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I think he'd shit a brick at how primitive and coarse much of it sounds, and the synths would do his head in.


I’m pretty sure he’d enjoy it and yes would be amazed at how much better his vocals sounded. I don’t think a lot of his views have changed much since 1983. I don’t see the morrissey of 83 being anti Israel pro soldiers or against songs referring to sex or pro government. It was always a mistake to think that because morrissey was negative towards thatcher that he was for any other side of government


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Ok. I just laughed out loud, because I saw that you replied and before I clicked to see your comment, I thought to myself
"and a Hitler mustache." :lbf:



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I think he'd be thoroughly baffled by his current obsession with flamenco and the Middle East and wonder how he ended up there. I do think he'd like a few things: the glam stomp of My Love, STDIB (cos I do actually think it sounds a bit like Sparks), and The Girl From Tel Aviv because it's got a quirkiness that reminds me of the 60s singers that he likes. You could almost imagine Petula Clarke or Sandie Shaw singing it. I suspect he would hate All the Young People and wonder why he was covering Give Peace a Chance. I think the biggest difference (apart from musical arrangements) is that the lyrics have moved from the personal - where he was absolutely masterful - to the political - where he sounds horribly out of his depth. And less interesting. I like to think he would notice this.

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Don’t want to sound rude but I don’t care to imagine or speculate about what Moz1983 would think of Moz2018 or Low In Highschool.

Moz1983 doesn’t exist anymore. I am glad that music is still there and available for me anytime I want to listen to it.

But why should I try to imagine and speculate about the opinion of someone that doesn’t exist anymore?

He moved on. Maybe not in the directions many fans would like but
he developed. Artistically and personally cause you can’t separate the two. As he rightfully stated himself.

In his career he undoubtedly, (for me) has been striving for a wide variety of ideas and new directions.
Some may be considered as failed but at least he tried. He dared.

He was never boringly stuck to tbe same old success formula that many people wanted him to stick to.

I love Low In Highschool.
This is Moz of NOW.
There is still so much of worth in it for me and it is, again, a very different and new approach.

If there is going to be a new album in the forecast, I bet it will be very different again and therefore interesting and a tbrill to listen to.

There are very, very few artists that have a back catalogue with that many influences and different angles as interesting as MoZ.

I also always liked the covers, songs and artists that inspired him and he never tried to hide it but was very open and honest about it and instead used them for his own artistic goals.
Always interesting and great to find out about it.


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the question should be reversed,how does mozz feel listening to his first album,dont think hes a fan of his voice or look back then,but we will never know.
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