do you "rely" on Morrissey?


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Good question. Without his public, he is diminished, that's for sure, and he performs to see us, as he's said before.

Hey, that rhymes.



I dont trust neither him nor anybody in the world, and that's the only way not to feel constantly dissapointed or let down. So I dont expect anything from Morrissey, I just enjoys what he gives me, which is always more than most artist do anyway.



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I rely on his music to lift me up when I'm down... which is often, but he never fails me.


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I rely on his music to lift me up when I'm on this site. ;)

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Morrissey doesn't come running when I've slammed my pinkie toe in the threshold, naturally. But his words, either spoken, sung or just simply written always comforts me. Makes me feel less alone. Makes me feel that there's someone, somewhere who understands me. Someone I can relate to, 100%. Not too many people in "real" life have that effect on me. I'm not that privileged.

And sadly this sort of thing will provoke a shitstorm of negative emotions among all of his cynical "fans", but that's just the way it goes.


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It's kind of like faith. No one (i.e. God) is actually there to make things better, but you pray (i.e. listen to Morrissey's music) to make you FEEL better. Only difference is one of those men actually exists. ;)


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Absolutely. Something about the timbre of his voice makes me decidedly less stabby during the day. Perhaps I'm insane, but it works for me. :crazy:
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