Do you like The Arctic Monkeys?

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Do you like The Arctic Monkeys?

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  1. KenzieW

    KenzieW Guest

    At first I was annoyed by their popularity, and someone recommended them to me, and I thought, "No way.";) But that person was right; after a few listens to their first CD I started liking them, and then after a few listens to their second CD I started really liking them. I am going to get their third CD now, and I wish I had gone to see them in concert when I had the chance. They do rock!:guitar:
  2. Librarian On Fire

    Librarian On Fire Member

    Aug 6, 2010
    Old Valhalla Road Crematorium
    Hi Kenzie,

    I saw them play in Auckland. Have to say I didn't think that they were that speical live. The crowd around me really liked it. This was after the release of their second album, so I wasn't familar with all their songs. They do have good songs and quite a speical sound. And no, I'm not saying Morrissey should adopt this sound in the future.
  3. kyleleonard

    kyleleonard Jeff Buckley Is God

    Nov 20, 2006
  4. Phranc & Open

    Phranc & Open Member

    Apr 9, 2009
    They once were quite influential but not now.

    [email protected] Dave Jay

    Sep 8, 2008
    BirkenVegas, UK
    I really took to them when I heard "Dancefloor" , and I bet everyone I knew that it would get to No# 1 (...I was DJ'ing at the time in a bar...).
    I bought the 1st album, and LOVED IT ( still do.)
    Got the second, and loved that ( still do).
    Haven't heard much of "Humbug", but still plan on getting it someday.
    I just bought "Suck it and see" on sunday last, but have yet to get around to actually playing the thing....waiting to be in an "Arctic Monkeys" Mood.....( currently Battering the old Bowie back-catalogue....).
    I would never dream of going to one of their shows though, as I suspect the kind of "Crowd" they attract are a bit too "Rowdy", drunk, Coked-up, and rather hostile ( going by a Arctics "Fan" webite I used to visit, they make this place look like sunday school, with all the Hateful bitching and threats of violence (....and that's to the fecking Band!!!).
  6. KenzieW

    KenzieW Guest

    You DJ'ed? That sounds like fun. Yeah, I got in the mood for them again because I watched a concert festival on TV that included them. I am borrowing "Humbug" from my library. I can't wait to pick it up. My favorite so far by them is "My Favourite Worst Nightmare." I'm surprised so many people said no. I thought there would be more yes.

    This song is one of my favorites. The melody is beautiful and I love the build up. It gives me the chills. 505:

    I love this one. So catchy, the riff makes my fingers itch to play guitar. Fluorescent Adolescent:

    I like this one. I watched it on that concert last week and I realized I really like it. I bet that you look good on the dance floor:

    Another favorite, Riot Van:
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