Do you have aging parents? Organize family's essential information in case of emergen

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"My mom had a minor stroke last week and was unable to speak. (She's fine now, thank God.) But when it happened, we had no idea where her "stuff" was - her insurance info, her bank accounts, even the location of the keys to her house was a mystery. Ultimately, we were able to get everything pulled together, but it was a waste of precious time that we could've spent on other, more important things.
If there's ever a time when you don't want to be caught unorganized, it's in the middle of a health crisis. You need certain documents on hand and ready to go when you're in situations like these. Today I'll show you how I've gotten my procrastinating booty in gear (finally) and made my very own essential information kit."

Create a disaster ready backup of important information on a USB drive

Are you ready for a Financial Emergency?
"I wrote the title of this post and didn't realize exactly how extra ordinary that question is. Are you ready? Do you have your and your family's documents in place, an emergency plan, emergency stash of food and money? What would happen if, God forbid, your family was suddenly hit with an emergency and had to leave in a matter of minutes?
Your family and friends are dear to you. You want to make the details of your life easy to manage in the event of your passing. With YouDeparted you can help your loved ones by providing them with everything they need to settle your estate in one single secure location.

All the details of your life in one place. With YouDeparted you can store vast amounts of information including:

  • The locations and copies of important documents such as vehicle titles, real estate deeds and life insurance policies
  • Bank account, combination lock, and safety deposit box numbers including the location of access keys
  • Private messages to your loved ones including written and video


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I have a difficult time enough dealing with Internet incompotent parents
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