Do you believe that we will be able to download 'Pigsty' into the UK Charts?

Do you believe that we will be able to download 'Pigsty' into the UK Charts?

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I think it is an interesting idea but we should have chosen a Smiths song, then we could have showed some people from a younger generation that music before their time really was the bees knees. Also I think a Smiths song would have got a lot more interest as the Smiths are more popular than Morrissey as a solo artist!

Roll on 'Let's download 'I Want The One I Can't Have' into the charts movement'

Anybody with me?


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By the way, it wouldn't have to be 'I Want The One I Can't Have'

I'm open to any suggestions!


I just found out that Shane Meadows' semi-autobiographical film This Is England will be released 27th April in UK.
I'd like to suggest to organize download campaign of National Front Disco coincide with the film release.

What do you think? :confused:


Pheobe W Caulfield
It reminds me of the sort of thing Will Young fans do.

Jukebox Jury

Because we love Morrissey and want him to get him as much recognition as possible. :)

If Morrissey got a #30 hit people wouldn't notice or care, but if he got a #30 hit that was unsolicited and downloaded into the charts by fans, people would notice and care.
Recognition by whom?
You really think that if this is pulled off, people would notice and then suddenly 'care'?

Why didn't they notice and care last year when four songs made it in to the charts and the abum hit number one?

I hope it the campaign is a success, but your reasons for doing so are way off mark.

I understood it to be an exercise in taking advantage and taking the piss out of the process of records charting. Nothing more, nothing less. But I'm happy to be corrected.

Jukebox Jury
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