Do you agree with Morrissey's official endorsement of the For Britain political party?

Do you agree with Morrissey's official endorsement of the 'For Britain' political party

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Manifesto here:
They are clearly a right-wing party - they believe in lower taxes, a free-market capitalist economy, 'low inward migration', an increase in military (or 'defence') funding, and an end to green taxes and subsidies. Whether they can be considered 'far-right' is a matter of debate.
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I generally disagree, I would not vote for them and I am disappointed Morrissey supports them, though it is his choice, his life to wreck, his own way...they aren’t illegal!
Not that the party is anywhere near far right but the far right is the last hope for us all. In the end we all will have to die for what we believe in. We have nothing to lose anymore.
Hardly a right wing party - Blair's New Labour was a lot more right wing, as is our current Tory government who has denied our democratic vote to get out of the EU.

Supporting any group outside of our two-party system terrifies and threatens the hegemony of our betters, hence the amount of lowly sheep berating Morrissey as some kind of evil monster for the logical next-step in his lifelong love of Britain.

After years of engineered immigration and high migrant birth rates, we are witnessing only the beginning of big changes for the UK. This concerns many people, especially as our current globalist parties brand any discussion of the subject as 'racist' and therefore undiscussable. So it's only natural that people are turning to alternatives from this sly tyranny.

Moz's support of For Britain may currently carry an air of rebelliousness, but once Tory and Labour are consigned to the dustbin of history (which is already happening) seeking alternatives will seem normal and logical to even his most vocal detractors.

Moz has good foresight. Too many people wait until the damage has already been done, and then of course it's too late.
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I can imagine many Americans are confused by the whole thing. They must be wondering... Moz supports a pro-British Party? Yeah, big deal, he's British isn't he? He'd hardly support an anti-British party, would he?

Well, for many years British people have been doing this very thing. Voting for their own downfall. Both Labour and Conservative hold the British public in contempt. There was a referendum vote for Britain to finally get out of the clutches and laws of Brussels to govern itself. We voted out. Both parties denied our democratic decision. That's more the style of a dictatorship.

Most people in our small country agree that the result of mass Muslim immigration has not been beneficial - in fact the opposite. But following their billionaire globalist bosses our betters keep upping the flow. Immigration is good for penny pinching governments because migrants are more easily exploitable and accept a lower standard of living. It keeps down working class wages and puts stress on the public services the working class need to use. Migrants also have a far higher birthrate and will breed third-world style with or without the finance to do so, which our government knows well and encourages. This is Globalism in action. It's what they call the Great Replacement.
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Utterly repulsed.
I would not vote for them but they don’t seem like nazis either talking about murder and violent fascism or racial supremacy or purity. I’m not a socialist or a free market capitalist. I seriously dislike almost any religion you can name but don’t wanna get angry at individuals and ban there clothing either as I don’t think it’s an effective way to change people or defeat religion. Mass immigration is always gonna cause problems and cultural clash and strain finances no matter whom is immigrating etc so I don’t think it unreasonable to try and enforce a standard agreeable rate through voting. I also don’t think that supporting a party in a vote means that you agree with the parties whole platform. I’ve never voted for a candidate where I agreed with everything and don’t expect to. I think the biggest issue with the Morrissey situation is that Morrissey refuses to sit down and thoroughly explain his position and stance which leads to all kinds of speculation and assumptions from supporters and detractors of said party. It gives space for people to claim stances clearly filtered through there own bias and beliefs. While I agree this is problematic for him as a public figure no one owes me some explanation because I like there art. Morrissey hasn’t actually done anything. Other revered musicians have actually committed crimes and physically hurt people and I see them praised by the same people who think morrisseys pin should be reason enough to ban him from everywhere. An artist who sings about selling drugs and guns, that’s fine, a pin that says i voted conservative is met with Calls for his expulsion from society
Man up then!

And then what, turn into you? You've monopolised enough threads bollocking on endlessly about this topic - learn when to shut up.
I bet some of the "completely disagrees" are still more than willing to give Moz their money though :o
which is part of the problem, if his recent tour had totally tanked beyond belief?
Moz would be singing a different tune by now :cool:
Utterly repulsed.
You're views may change when they have you dressed head-to-toe in a Halloween outfit every day of the year.

And then stone you if you complain.

That's real fascism.

And sadly our tiny country is tumbling towards it headfirst.
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You're views may change when they have you dressed head to toe in a Halloween outfit every day of the year.

My views might change, yeah, but you haven't changed them yet and this a poll, not a place for another row.
live tv, Amy vs Reelie, a duel, the first to score 3 hits wins, the prize? the soul of Britain :)
it would be a ratings bonanza, non sexist, just violent enough but not too violent and allow your dithering nation to come to some kind of definitive choice :rock:
I bet some of the "completely disagrees" are still more than willing to give Moz their money though :o
which is part of the problem, if his recent tour had totally tanked beyond belief?
Moz would be singing a different tune by now :cool:

The news about Morrissey's toxic, idiotic political views hit the main UK media outlets (online and physical) on no fewer than 3 occasions in 6 months (late 2017 into mid 2018). By the time of the last one, his UK reputation had probably be damaged irreparably and permanently. He then announced a small UK summer tour to places he would usually have sold out pretty much straight away - the result? An embarrassing trickle of sales. Inevitably, the tour was cancelled. There is a big gap in the 2019 North American tour - the intention was clearly there for a UK/European tour but he appears to have bottled it. The results of this very poll say it all. It's only the die-hards who are left visiting this site these days and yet, even of them, around 50% completely disagree with his views, hence the crumbling of the fan-base.
Had he been someone like Tony Hadley, Phil Collins or Gary Barlow i.e. a renowned right wing voter, it wouldn't really have mattered. Huge numbers of people, however, were drawn to his world and the Smiths' due to the clear and passionate anti-right wing stance (Margaret on the Guillotine, Red Wedge, 'We won't vote Conservative', 'There are some bad people on the right' etc. These are the people that are now being driven away, and there are tons of them. Beyond the UK and Europe, it won't make much difference, as the main news organisations are simply not interested in him. People only really know him because of the music and the cultural significance of The Smiths.
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