Do Latinx Fans Still Love Morrissey (And Will They Show Up At Hollywood Bowl This Weekend)? - LAist

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by davidt, Oct 26, 2019.

By davidt on Oct 26, 2019 at 6:55 AM
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    Feb 12, 1997
    Link from Pablo Honey:

    Do Latinx Fans Still Love Morrissey (And Will They Show Up At Hollywood Bowl This Weekend)? - LAist
    By Steven Cuevas


    The sound of The Smiths was inescapable in the '80s, but it was as a solo artist that Morrissey's popularity really took off among Mexican-Americans in Los Angeles.

    And Morrissey returned the affection in songs like "Mexico" and "First of the Gang to Die."

    But those fans, myself included, have had to confront the singer's embrace of hard right, extremist politics.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by davidt, Oct 26, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      Mmm not sure about that.

      If Mexican Morrissey fans are anything to go by, it seems all you have to do is gaily warble whingy sentimental tosh to reduce grown-up (and sometimes quite large) Mexican men to ineffectual cry-babies...:mock:

      From then on, the country is pretty much yours.

      Let's be realistic Reelfountain. If nobody wants to invade Mexico it's prolly just because the water system is shit.
      (Plus in Britain you have lemon puffs.)
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    2. Peanut
      It's an interesting thing with 2nd generation immigrants, some of them seem to turn hyper-nationalistic towards their adopted country, more so than the "natives".
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    3. AztecCamera
      Reckon The California Son is not "english" . He is from the San Fernando Valley, Moz Angeles. He was born at Verdugo Hills Hospital. Wake up! I reckon I can't believe he is still duping you brittish smiths fans after more than 35 years. Reckon it's top mental you can keep buying from the mporium uk and California's Son can still get money from you delusional foreigners cunt tit thick wacker daft inn n nnn nnnnn n nn n it. Good on ya California Son m8!
    4. The Truth
      The Truth
      Do you think that "England" was always a "Christian" country that spoke English?
    5. vegan cro spirit 555
      vegan cro spirit 555

      well, YES :lbf:
      thats why its called ENGLAND because they speak ENGLISH.:crazy:
      ENGLAND has always been Christian FFS :lbf:
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      Vegan cro I can see your other demented personality has come out, fucking nitwit.
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    7. ForgotHowIGotMyName
      Liberals think that there is a lot more solidarity between non-white groups than there actually is. They think if you say something bad about one non-white group, all other non-white groups will consider that an attack on themselves as well and rise up in support of their non-white brothers.
      That's usually not the case and there is in fact a lot of tension between those groups. Asians don't care what you say about blacks, blacks don't care what you say about Mexicans, and Mexicans don't care what you say about Muslims. Unless we're talking about really ideological POC which are basically the same as white liberals. But most POC are identitarian, not ideological.

      But this actually reveals something about the liberal mindset: they see all POC as being basically the same and interchangable.
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    8. reelfountain
      You can be proud of being both Irish and English very easily as both cultures are virtually one and the same. We're neighbouring countries. Being half-English and half Pakistani would be a different story.

      Utopias do not and never will exist for various reasons - some of which you mention above - but Blair opening the floodgates in '97 was not a good idea and it currently shows. Every year since, a third of a million migrants come to live in Britain. The assimilation that occurred before '97 no longer happens due to these sheer numbers.

      The positives of mass engineered migration are felt only by the rich who benefit financially due to cheap labour. Ordinary people suffer lower wages, more competition for jobs, longer NHS waiting lists, less chance of social housing as migrants are favoured, buckling services, alienation, more crime etc. In other words, life is harder for ordinary people due to mass immigration.

      Globalists cite benevolence and humanitarian concerns as the reasons for migrants entering the west. They emotionally blackmail the public with this, chiding anyone who disagrees as somehow cruel, callous and racist. It's a ploy. A neverending flow of a third of a million mainly Africans and Muslims will change Britain and its culture into something unrecognizable. This is why most Brits want immigration either stopped or at least reduced.
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    9. reelfountain
      Liberals think like cult members - they see the world through an ideological lens that doesn't match reality.

      Merely being in the company of a gang of blacks or Latinos would frighten the life out of them.
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    10. PuppetParrot
      Skinny, Moz so old Moz suck and Moz left nut. Are these supposed to be Pseudonym sub species?

      Instead of creating aliases, go out collect bottle caps and donate the proceeds to the Guardian. One of your alias pm ed me, you are very angry to be marked off topic.
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    11. ForgotHowIGotMyName
      It matches (((pop culture))). When white liberals envision a multicultural future, they imagine the multiculturalism that they see in movies and TV shows: a world where all people of all races talk and act like middle class suburbanites. In other words, they think TV is real.

      Take blacks for instance. It's interesting is to note the difference between how blacks are portrayed in media marketed to whites....
      ....versus how blacks are portrayed in media marketed to blacks.

      The way blacks are portrayed in media marketed to blacks is much closer to the stereotypical "racist" stereotype about blacks (loud, overly emotional, etc). This is because blacks find the way they are portrayed in white media to be inauthentic. They can't relate to those characters but they CAN relate to the racist stereotype.
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    12. reelfountain
      Spot on. That's a brilliant and very accurate observation. It makes a total mockery of liberalism also.
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      Look who’s talking Vegan Cro the only one making fake accounts is you. Your a psycho with a split personality much like the split going down your ass crack.
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    14. PuppetParrot
      "You're", Skinny. Didnt you attend first form?
      Skinny stop acting like a twice removed sub species. Try to behave like an adult.
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    15. The Truth
      The Truth
      I guess it depends on if your ancestors are immigrants or not.
    16. vegan cro spirit 777
      vegan cro spirit 777

      the NORMANS were 'immigrants'??doh:
      HOLY CRAZINESS:expressionless:
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    17. The Truth
      The Truth
      They invaded what is now England, so yes, they were immigrants. The Celts were not Christians and did not speak English.
    18. The Truth
    19. Anonymous
      Exactly! Well said.
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    20. Anonymous
      And, obviously, not 'very much' to you. It means 'mucho mucho mas' more to you than it does to them. Loco en la cabeza you are. :crazy:

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