Do Latinx Fans Still Love Morrissey (And Will They Show Up At Hollywood Bowl This Weekend)? - LAist

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by davidt, Oct 26, 2019.

By davidt on Oct 26, 2019 at 6:55 AM
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    Link from Pablo Honey:

    Do Latinx Fans Still Love Morrissey (And Will They Show Up At Hollywood Bowl This Weekend)? - LAist
    By Steven Cuevas


    The sound of The Smiths was inescapable in the '80s, but it was as a solo artist that Morrissey's popularity really took off among Mexican-Americans in Los Angeles.

    And Morrissey returned the affection in songs like "Mexico" and "First of the Gang to Die."

    But those fans, myself included, have had to confront the singer's embrace of hard right, extremist politics.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by davidt, Oct 26, 2019.

    1. reelfountain
      Mexicans would never allow their country to be pulled like a rug beneath their feet the way the British have.

      Complacency, trust and a sense of fair play are flaws in the British character that have allowed them to be taken advantage of. Globalists have been lying to them for years, strategically pouring the third world (mainly Muslims) into their land and citing benevolence and humanitarian concerns - when in reality globalists couldn't give a toss about anything but cheap labour, the dis-unifying of societies and the billions they can make from it. People are just units on a power point presentation to these people.

      Mexicans are nationalists - they are proud of their nation and culture, and would hate them die - just like Morrissey.
    2. PuppetParrot
      Skinny, so now you are creating 'parody alias accounts? "surface"
      and "Benny Butcher" are insufficient? Mindless behavior Skinny.
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    3. PuppetParrot
      Skinny why look? you are not wanted. if you are caught at Uk show
      you will be put in a wagon and interrogated.
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    4. PuppetParrot
      Skinny I dont think Johnny can play guitar while in a wheelchair.
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    5. Anonymous
      Who in the hell says LATINX?! Other then white liberals, I’ve never heard anyone get called LATINX.
    6. Nerak
      Nations and cultures aren't set in stone - they shift and change. The exploitation of cheap labour and value clashes among differing groups are an issue - but it's not one that needs to be tackled by slamming the doors shut & hating minority groups.

      You're buying into a conspiracy theory that will not make your life happier. Politically almost everyone accepts that for the UK to function well we need some things in common. People have become alienated from their communities because of changes in technology and lifestyle & yes most people on the left will admit that our relentless negativity about everything English and British didn't help with that, but it also didn't cause it.

      Personally, I think Morrissey is struggling to reconcile his Irishness with his Englishness and instead of doing the usual thing of being massively Irish, he's gone in the other direction and has become overly English. He needs to tell himself he can have both.
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    7. AztecCamera
      I reckon what the fuck is wrong with you delusional wackos? You people are scary. He calls himself THE CALIFORNIA SON!!! He isn't Irish, Unglish, or Messycan. He's AMERICAN dumbasses. Yes his parents emigrated all the way to L.A. from Ireland and I got news for you wackos...his parents aren't divorced. His dad just doesn't like the Hollywood limelight like his California Son. He is a practicing Roman Catholic, but that has nothing to do with the Mexicans, Mexicans were forced to convert to Catholicism by the Spanish, if they didn't they were murdered. Ever heard of the Aztecs or the Mayans? You people need to stop with all this Mexicans in LA shit. Go to a gig in LA, 70% of the crowd is white. A lot of Mexicans emigrated to America in the 1800's just like the Brittish immigrants. They are Americans cunt tit chipper curry mate inn n n n nnn n nn nnn n it.
    8. Anonymous
      Dude did a fucking cover of the coon tune Wedding bell blues, and always has some banjo lip negro as one of his backdrops.... so I'm guessing NOT RACIST? He just hates Muslims and who the hell doesn't? Viva MOZ.
    9. Anonymous
      nah it’s an extra show added due to the first socal show being sold out that’s all.
    10. Anonymous
      Someone who hates Morrissey like you do Skinny, can't possibly be a racist, right?
      It's proof of how you are saving the world from all those vociferous critics of mass immigration.
      Quotes from a 2003 Morrissey documentary complimenting Mexicans is supposed to be a damning indictment of......?
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    11. Surface
      Well he wasn’t in a wheelchair when he played with The Cult in Manchester the other night.

      Not sure who is the biggest retard on this site but pretty sure it’s either you or Vegan Cro xxx. The one thing I do know or that it’s very easy to make both of you look like completer fucking morons.
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    12. PuppetParrot
      'completer'? Whats that Skinny?

      Skinny look at the video, Johnny is having a hard time holding his
      unplugged guitar. Maybe the solution would be for the guitar company to make a paper guitar for him.

      He was wheeled up to the stage and down the stage. If he doesnt care for his frail health so be it.
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    13. Anonymous

      Who cares ? Get over yourself and eachother , cause ....who cares ?
    14. The Truth
      The Truth
      It was the Catholics who colonized Mexico and England as well depending on how far back you want to go. How long does a particular religion have to be in place before it's not considered an invading force? If your ancestors have always lived in what is now UK there was a time when "you couldn't hear an English accent" and they weren't Catholics or Protestants.
      Yet your hoe ass is on here on Tseng’s site getting all your Morrissey info if it’s so toxic why are you wandering this site like a cunt in heat.
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      Its only common sense that he has big Mexican following in Southern California since the population is about 50 percent Mexican in So Cal it’s like saying he has big Canadian following in Canada, I don’t know why they make it as it’s some super astonishing thing like if you were born Mexican in Southern California you don’t speak a word of English or English is your 2nd language.

      Morrissey is a money grubbing penny pinching whore. How many times has he said don’t buy
      this or that because he isn’t making a dime from it or put a stop to things being released, remember back in the 2000’s a guy followed Morrissey around in Mexico and made a documentary called Morrissey in Mexico and was going to release it until Morrissey put legal actions against it, if that guy is still on here hey buddy put that documentary if you still have it put it up on YouTube if you can’t release it because Morrissey thinks your gonna make money off of it put it on YouTube and show it for free.[/QUOTE]
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    17. Anonymous
      Mm. Don't know about that. For instance I'm baptized, confirmed and all that but I'm only a Catholic these days when I watch "Broken" and I really want the nice (although trebbled) priest to smash the paedo priest's face in, with lots of blood spurting everywhere.

      However, "once a sodomite, always a sodomite", now, that, to me, rings true. Although I'm not one.

      -And it is something I deeply regret because, according to Morrissey, "It's terrific fun!". :(-
    18. vegan cro spirit 777
      vegan cro spirit 777

      the Catholics colonized Mexico AND England?:squiffy:

      if your ancestors lived in what is now the UK there was a 'time you couldnt hear an English accent?'
      what in F? what would you hear? Muslim?:crazy:
    19. PuppetParrot
      Skinny you are now posting gibberish. Dont drink and post.
      Last edited: Oct 27, 2019
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    20. PuppetParrot

      Skinny I notice the sold out Hollywood Bowl show has caused grave damage to your pseudonyms. they are all posting undecipherable twaddle.
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