Dif Juz...

Since I found my way to the Durutti Column throguh Dif Juz when I started using lastfm, thren saw the dc threas gere, i was wondering if anybody liked them

I think they were amazing, an I am quite surpised at their relative obscurirty,

canyou recommend other band./artists like dif juz?

I opened my winodwos. Peoplew are shhotinf off fire works...

I'm floating around my darkr room to the sounds of "Soarn" and reverberating fireworks in the distance.... god, life really IS beatiful...
Granted I was drunk, high as a kite and rambling like a fool when I posted this, I do love this band. Are there no Dif Juz fans? :(

I very much want to try to contact the members and see about doing a pro-cassette re-issue of their Time Clock Turn Back tape when I have the money to do it. I'm really, really excited about the prospect!
when I read this thread title, I thought you were abbreviating Definitive Jux, which is an underground Brooklyn hip-hop label that actually releases rap worth paying attention to..

But I guess you're talking about something else :/
Definitive Jux is indeed a highly respectable label. <3 Cannibal Ox.

But yeah, Dif Juz was an old 4AD band from the 80's. A Lot of people lump them in with "Post-Rock", but they were more influenced by Dub, apparently. It's good stuff if you like the old 4AD ethereal sound and Shoegaze stuff.


I've seen the closest thing I'd ever equate to god while tripping to this music. The working version of "Re", under a different name, on the TCTB cassette is even better, in spite of being a lo-fi recording.
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I've vaguely remember of hearing the name Dif Juz

this doesn't sound too bad. I love dream pop/shoegaze stuff

Cannibal Ox are the shit, as were Company Flow
Ditto and double-ditto.

Echo Wreck (D'oh! I meant "No Motion" was... my bad) was featured on the Lonely Is An Eyesore comp released by 4AD, BTW. Might be one of the places you've seen the name.
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