Diana - Morrissey mystery


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I just came across this today. Is anyone familiar with this particular conspiracy theory???

Yeah, I saw this awhile ago. I'm not sure what they mean with it.

I think they are being clever and showing that you can make a conspiracy out of anything. You can make anything connect if you need it to. Clever..
but..if these people are NOT being ironic and really are serious...they need help..


i love conspiracy theories, never heard this one.


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it`s just a coincidence,by the way what a silly documentary :)

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It scares me that people have so much time on their hands now days.
Who knows maybe Morrissey is some kind of time travelling magician.
I prefered the Da Vinci Code.


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This conspiracy theory is how I discovered Morrissey 10 years ago.
...and heaven knows I'm miserable now.


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Morrissey Fortelling The Death Of Princess Diana!

I was in an art gallery today and I came across a video/leaflet titled Morrissey Fortelling The Death Of Princess Diana. It's got all these random references to The Queen Is Dead and stuff...It's by a guy called Lars Laumann. I was wondering if anyone else has come across this. Still trying to make up my mind if I think this is an ironic piss-take of conspiracy theorists, or if this guy is just insane. But either way...


Any thoughts? :confused:
Re: Morrissey Fortelling The Death Of Princess Diana!

i saw this a while back. i think recently the guy posted on here with a few updates to his website. it's crazy interesting but i think the guy is a quackjob.

definately a good way to pass the time though!

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Re: Morrissey Fortelling The Death Of Princess Diana!

it scares me how much time people have.


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Re: Morrissey Fortelling The Death Of Princess Diana!

Eek, sorry about that then. :eek:
oh no, please have a chat about it, I think its a lot of old crap myself but yea the guy gets a prize for having the time to make a web site up about it lol.
Its been doing the rounds for years now, I think he did update a year or so ago.
what do you think about it? :D


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Re: Morrissey Fortelling The Death Of Princess Diana!

I think he's on to something. I'm no Diana but I certainly think about every time I go through three consecutive underpasses on the 110 freeway. I just thank God there's no eternal flame lit above them or double decker buses around. Though I gave up on honking shave and a haircut. No one seems to want to give me back ten cents. Stuffy LA elitist drivers. They always do it in Gaviota.


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Re: Morrissey Fortelling The Death Of Princess Diana!

I think it might be ironic, as I saw it in an art gallery, and if he was being serious it wouldn't really be art...either way I think he's crazy to put that much time and effort into the research and stuff.
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