Detroit, MI - The Masonic Temple (July 8, 2015) post-show

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By davidt on Jul 9, 2015 at 3:30 AM
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    Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in.


    Suedehead / Alma Matters / Staircase At The University / Ganglord / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / Speedway / Kiss Me A Lot / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Istanbul / Will Never Marry / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / First Of The Gang To Die / I Will See You In Far-Off Places / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / The Bullfighter Dies / Meat Is Murder / Now My Heart Is Full // What She Said

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Jul 9, 2015.

    1. docinwestchester
      "Welcome to the temple of filth..."
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      What She Said
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      Barbara Douglas ‏@bd_259 · 23 minutes ago
      RT mastruman: #Morrissey sold out show at Masonic in #Detroit #goodmusic entertainment >>

      Jon Patton ‏@The_General715 · 5 minutes ago
      MORRISSEY was amazing, wow.

      Kalle Mattson ‏@kallemattson · 5 minutes ago
      After many attempts I finally saw Morrissey again tonight in Detroit. Still one of the best.

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    2. Anonymous
      Reel around the fountain!!!!
    3. whitewatersky
      hey Doc,
      I don't mean to be rude in asking, but why the links that expire?
      is it possible to leave these up for all to see over the long term?

      thanks !
    4. docinwestchester
      Periscope's policy. All recorded video links expire from public viewing after 24 hours. Only the original filmer can view the links after 24 hours.
    5. mozinmich
      Great show and great crowd! Morrissey was very chatty tonight.
    6. Anonymous
      I had tickets to every cancelled show in Flint...I really didn't think this concert would happen, thus hesitant about buying tickets.

      I should have just bought the tickets to this "Fourth" event and hoped it materialized...because now I wish I would have been there...would have been my "9th" time seeing Moz since 1997 and would have seen him many more times between '93-'97 if he would have toured the USA for "Vauxhall and I", "Southpaw Grammar" or even "World of Morrissey".

      Can someone provide a set-list for the Detroit show so I can further be troubled/tormented by "my" no-show.
    7. AztecCamera
      Is that someone's garage?

      Those pics tell the face of a man who's thinking at this time last night I was back home in Malibu sitting on the deck with Nancy while staring at the Pacific eating a bowl of Nancy's homemade spaghetti with marinara sauce and now I am in fucking Detroit.

      Is there really a Flint, MI? I always thought this was just some made up toxic wasteland that was the brunt of jokes. Anonymous-
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    8. Anonymous
      You need to get out more.
    9. fromroyaloak
      Show was great tonight. Superb energy from the crowd, even though MOz seemed a bit put off to be in Detroit. Can't blame him, Masonic Temple is a lovable wreck, filthy with parts of the building and block fenced off, being torn down, etc. "Temple of Filth" indeed. I can imagine when the entourage pulls in everybody thought WTF! And the bit about the mosquitos is just true this time of year. Set list was terrific, I especially loved hearing crashing bores, which is just the saddest song. Came with my wife and my 15 year old daughter, keeping a tradition going as her older sister saw the show at Royal Oak a few years back. Ganglord was stunningly powerful and a message that needs to be repeated and not forgotten. Ditto Meat is Murder, it might be annoying and "not fun" but wake up people, it is also a reality you will never see unless Morrissey shows it to you. The band sounded great, mix was good, very powerful and clear. Show was moving and emotional. Happy.
    10. Staar_seed
      Do you purposely try to be pathetic?
    11. Anonymous
    12. Anonymous
      It's really amusing that he continues to return to Michigan which is a DUMP over and over again but ignores Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he has done shows in the past.Go figure.
    13. Anonymous
      both would be awesome to hear if polayed
    14. Anonymous

      Since 2012, I have bought tickets on 3 separate occasions for the Moz tour. Only for it to be cancelled the week of due to Morrissey’s health/family. So I was really looking forward to this show. I cannot say I ever really got into it. At one point I was on the verge of leaving because it was so boring. Moz is a very opinionated individual and during “Ganglord” and “Meat Is Murder” there was some very crass and unnecessary images that were projected on the screen that I really found offensive. I am there to be entertained and listen to music. Not there to see cows getting their jugulars and aorta’s sliced and people shot/brutalized. I do enjoy some of Morrissey’s solo stuff. But I do like to hear some classic Smith’s tracks… Which… He only played three songs… Pretty brutal if you ask me to stand there for 90 minutes to hear some of his newer stuff that is not that great. Then he had to tease “Rubber Ring” at the end of the show. Which is my all time fave Smiths song.

      Anyways, besides all my incoherent ramblings, the tape is pretty good. Real happy with it. For the most part the people around me were respectful. Some people shoving to the front woo-ing during the last song or so. Few people almost made it on stage! Enjoy."

      i guess the tour is not so good after all
    15. Anonymous
      I'm not from there, but I did go to the show at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee during the Arsenal tour, and it was amazing!
    16. AlphonsePhive
      Anyone have the set list?
    17. floodzonex
    18. KenKenKen
      This show was bizarre.

      Right off the bat when he came out you could tell something was wrong. He sang most of Suedehead with his eyes closed, and during Alma Matters that when I could tell he's sick with something. He spent the first half of the show sneezing, looking faint etc. He absolutely powered through the first half of the set, no breaks between songs. But he must of felt better for the second half.

      He was doing a lot of handshakes, and seemed to really enjoy seeing everyone. Great crowd. But he kept his inbetween song banter brief, mentioning the mosquito's, road construction signs, The Rolling Stones (who were also playing last night in Detroit), and the police.

      A couple of people, including my brother, had some issues during/after Meat is Murder. I took him out of the theater to get some air where we saw a girl who had a seizure, most likely due to the red flashing strobe lights. Because of this I missed most of Now My Heart is Full and What She Said, but I don't think I heard Moz introduce the band, and I heard some comment he made of how "some of you aren't going to make it tonight" (not sure if that's exactly what was said).

      1 girl got on stage early in the set while the security guards were distracted (I think one of them lost his walkie talkie). The best moment was Moz asked someone in the audience how old they were. The kid responded "11!" and Moz said something along the lines of "So Am I! / Me Too!". How he said it was classic, heartwarming Morrissey.

      I was at the Akron show which was amazing, but not getting a cover like he did in Nashville was a little disappointing. I thought it was a good concert, but not the best Morrissey concert. At least, this is what I saw and felt.
    19. mozinmich
      "It's really amusing that he continues to return to Michigan which is a DUMP over and over again but ignores Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he has done shows in the past.Go figure."

      Sold out show in Detroit. I don't know why he keeps coming back.

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