'Design if you can, ah, the way to just be a man'. Amo Mama Dissects Mozhood (August 21, 2023)


you must not tamper with arrangements

A reasonably respectful look at Morrissey's sexuality as set on record, and how he's among those musicians who have supported the LGBT community.

...Morrissey, a highly influential figure in the music industry, has amassed a dedicated fan base due to his distinctive blend of indie rock and alternative music that has successfully made its way to the mainstream.
At the time, Morrissey believed that revealing things too explicitly would hamper the observer's imagination, leaving nothing left to explore or contemplate. He explained:

"I find when people and things are entirely revealed in an obvious way...It freezes the imagination of the observer. There is nothing to probe for, nothing to dwell on or try and unravel. With the Smiths, nothing is ever open and shut."

However, as the years passed, Morrissey's perspective shifted away from keeping things explicit for himself or the band. Several years ago, he opened up about his private life, which includes his past relationships in his book, "Morrissey Autobiography..."

- https://news.amomama.com/409790-is-morrissey-gay-the-singer-keeps-his.html
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