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    As part of an interview in today's Observer Magazine:


    Don't meet your heroes. Having Morrissey on my radio show was an experience - he called me shallow and I told him that he was confusing being shallow with liking life. He's an odd character: the minute I'd play a record he'd be charm personified and when we'd cut back to our interview, he'd turn back into pantomime Morrissey. He still calls me occasionally just to say hello.
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    1. johnnymunro
      Perhaps Dermot O'Leary should read up on his 'hero' before interviewing him. D O'L didn't seem to know the first thing about Moz. Seems to me to be jumping on the bandwagon.
    2. Anonymous
      Actually, as I recall, it seemed to me that Morrissey was being particularly obstreperous during that interview. O|'Leary asked him actually quite astute questions about the nature of his Irish heritage and about show bands etc which Moz just blanked making O'Leary look like an idiot. Moz has one of the biggest ever Irish showband style singers as part of his pre-show video selection so to pretend he knows nothing of the subject and laughing at the question was a little disingenuous.
    3. devout
      Nobody likes a grass.
    4. Anonymous
      The only thing worse is someone purposefully being a stroppy git.

    5. Anonymous
      he's a national treasure you know

      When Dermot was interviewed about the Morrissey interview, he said pretty much the same thing.
      'It was strange because during the interview it was uncomfortable but the minute you play.. the idea is you pick 5 or 6 songs.. errrr.. during the songs.. he was.. playing a song..and he'd anyway how are you?, are you alright?, you'd finish the song and he'd go.. I don't want to talk about it (Dermot laughs).. sort of looking at him going you were really nice to me during the.. when I was playing your song a minute ago... yeh but he's a national treasure you know.'

      I'm sure Dermot is a fan, even sometime later he can't speak about it in complete sentences!
      Will he ever do another Dermot interview, hopefully yes, there can never be enough Morrissey on the radio, be it music or interviews.
    6. johnnymunro
      I'm referring to the part where O'Leary asked him if he ever fancies doing something like curate the Meltdown Festival to which Morrissey pointed out he already had. I think it shows a distinct lack of respect (and a lack of credibility) towards your interviewee to not know your stuff - I was unsurprised that Morrissey was so truculent (and let's face it, it doesn't take make to make him that way!). The article in the Observer is exactly the same - O'Leary just wants to be associated with him rather than ( I suspect) genuinely like him or his music.
    7. Anonymous
      Meeting your idols or just people you admire for some reason or other can be tricky. I met Sir Bobby Charlton and the man was such a miserable figure I physically felt how the man drew the energy out of my body like you would uncharge a battery. Luckily I also bumped into Paddy Crerand who was an amazing man and it was just like talking to any Man United fan and it was hard to understand I was talking to what I consider a Man United legend.
      I feel O'Leary has a point when he says that enjoying life can sometimes get mistaken for being shallow but I also feel like Moz most of the time about people because most of them out there are a bit shallow and that just seems to get worse by the day.

      Urban in Sweden (Watching celebrity Big Bother threw online stream from laptop onto my HUGE 60 inch plasma tv and I am still alive)
    8. Anonymous
      I wrote "threw" instead of "through", see what BB does to me!
      Flipping hell

      Urban the swede (getting my vajazzle out for the lads)
    9. Anonymous
      Urban you are a fucking cunt, and so is that tout Charlton. Get cancer (AGAIN) and die you bastard.

      Troll post
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    10. Anonymous
      You mark this as troll post but not what your beloved "goinghome" writes? The difference is that you agree too much with "goinghome", you creep?
    11. Anonymous
      Hahahaha I love this, just like the old chatroom days.

      Urban in Sweden (King of banter)
    12. Happy Maudlin
      Happy Maudlin
      I knew this from the beginning. I could never meet Morrissey. IF he ever spoke to me, my response would be butchered utterances. I don't know if I could even breathe.
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    13. Anonymous
      O'Leary gives an interesting insight into Morrissey here. One could infer Morrissey is performing (even sub-consciously) to the interview, which is a suggestion I'm sure he'd be appalled by. However, I have to say, I've never been convinced by Morrissey's insistence that he doesn't perform. There must be times in interviews and on stage when it's an act masking Morrissey's true mood.
    14. devout
      Why he thought it was prudent to speak to Dermot O Dreary I don't know.

      His judgement is well flawed there.

      Nothing to gain at all.

      Afterall, it's all about gain eh.
    15. Anonymous
      From one closet gay to another... no wonder Moz was uncomfortable.
    16. Anonymous
      Don't meet your fans.
    17. Anonymous
      I don't know why people even bother to interview him, the older he gets the more he comes across as an asshole!!

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