Der Spiegel audio "to be released in the next days" - Juliane Liebert tweet

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I was reading my posts from yesterday and I discovered a poorly worded phrase that made me cringe. When I wrote that sometimes the victim shares the blame I WAS ONLY REFERRING TO UNWANTED ADVANCES NOT GENUINE ASSAULT IN ANY FASHION. If you give a person the wrong impression and I mean IF you really do and that person propositions you or leans over to kiss you or even touches you (but stops when rejected) THAT's the kinda thing I was talking about. A lot of the allegations out there are potentially of this variety. But what constitutes "leading" someone on? I honestly think this is what Moz was getting at. Anthony Rapp perhaps should not have went along to the bedroom with Spacey. Perhaps he should have known better. Spacey is still at fault but maybe Rapp lead him on. Spacey's aggressiveness is disturbing though. Quite presumptuous. I wouldn't go that far.

BUT this example falls completely apart though because Rapp was underage! Fourteen!! Sickening. To me this is the biggest problem Moz is facing with his comments about "groupies". So what that adult rock stars have had sex with underage groupies forever?!? There is no circumstance that makes that acceptable. None. I don't buy the notion that if you turn/lead someone on they are absolved of self control. That's nonsense. Moz's tiresome need to be contrary has bit him on the ass something fierce.

Presumably Morrissey thinks 14 year old boys who were molested by priests should have known what they were getting themselves into.....

.......When he dressed as a priest was he trying to out-do Sinead when she ripped up a picture of a Pope on SNL? What business did he have dragging up as Fr Morrrisey? Other than perhaps to troll that molestation/rape debate by dressing as a priest a decade ago? Suddenly many may now also see that choice seems sinister rather than perplexing/ludicrous. No doubt Morrissey will clarify. Others will investigate further in the light of his comments on the co-dependent culpability of a 14 year old boy in igniting the predatory lusts of a 23 year old man.

Put Kevin Spacey in a priest's outfit and Rapp in a altar boy's gown and consider the implications. Actor/priest. Trainee actor/altar boy. If Morrissey thinks teenage actors should be be precociously aware of predatory elders, presumably he has no sympathy for those teenage boys who weren't wise to the rapey antics of various priests? Or is he really saying that actors were generally suspected of predatory pederasty in previous decades? Seriously?

I think we are dealing with both a silly troll and a deeply disturbed, delusional narcissist who stops at nothing to feed his inner demons. It is simply wonderful he has been hoist by his own petard. mavens who read my words here: Finish the job! Bring me Morrissey's head on a platter. Make it so!

The kind people have a dream:
Morrissey on the guillotine.


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I think we are dealing with both a silly troll and a deeply disturbed, delusional narcissist who stops at nothing to feed his inner demons. It is simply wonderful he has been hoist by his own petard. mavens who read my words here

Moz, perhaps, may be a masochist. It's just stunning how he stubbornly set himself up for one of the most humiliating rebukes I've ever witnessed. And I reckon he STILL leaves his post up on FB?? This convinces me that "Jacky" is him and is some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy...his fans heading to the exit. He needs to stop the bleeding. But he won't. While I believe his words were taken well beyond their meaning (and carried out of context) he bears responsibility. How long has this man been in the public eye? How many interviews has he done? All I can say is "What was he thinking?". Why couldn't he just say "What I meant was...". All he had to do is say "I apologize for any misunderstanding. This is what I was trying to say..."

Stubborn arrogance only works for Republican presidential candidates.

Hey I'm not throwing away my records and my life isn't affected in the least by this (unless he stops recording) but it's just kinda sad watching him self-destruct. It's hubris if he thinks this won't harm his legacy. To anyone outside his apologists he looks like a complete jackass right about now. I only care for selfish reasons. I don't want anything to prevent him from putting out more records or reflect poorly on vegans Well, actually, I kinda feel sorry for him too. I don't believe he's the person he appears to be about now. I guess the good news for him is BMG hasn't dropped him.
Der Spiegel was founded in 1947. FYI The Nazi regime ended in 1945. The concentration camp, however, is a British invention.

He said it not me cause it can't be a woman. Am I no longer the first Fuhrer on here?
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