Der Spiegel audio "to be released in the next days" - Juliane Liebert tweet

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By dotmatrix522 on Dec 12, 2017 at 1:34 AM
  1. dotmatrix522

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    1. mcrickson
      Same goes for him - if you really believe he had his own recording and he was so eager to say that he was misquoted, he could have easily made his own recording available.
    2. Anonymous
      No if you read what a few other people have posted, the delay in release will simply be due to their legal team giving them the go ahead. I don’t understand how people can’t seem to wrap their heads around this? It would be standard for any type of case like this. This isn’t going to be a stitch up the NME case maybe was in the early 2000s. It’s very difficult to alter audio without the chance of it being detected, so I highly doubt the Der Spiegel would even consider that. The only edits that were done were in the transcription of the print interview, as anyone with any journalism experience knows is completely standard in order to meet word counts, etc. If they release these tapes, Morrissey will not be able to get out of this one so easily. Of course he said the things that were printed, do you honestly believe he wouldn’t have had his lawyers out for blood yet, like he did when something so lame as a disgruntled ex-crew memeber posted rumours about not being paid on this website a decade ago? Come on!
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    3. zivilars
      When it comes to Morrissey, some fans here are the same league as the most craziest tinfoil maniacs. Rest assured that, even after releasing the audio, they will claim that the audio tape was professionally fabricated in the fake news lab as THE SPIEGEL itself claimed it was "edited" (too dumb to comprehend that they only meant that the question wording etc. was tightened when transcribing to the printed version, without altering context or whatever.)

      Morrissey and his views are not even 1/100 that relevant, truth-spreaking and dangerous for the government or whatever as you probably believe. would even think about wasting energy to frame him.
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    4. Marco
      The thing that most of people seems to ignore and I'm sure its on purpose is that what Morrissey said is really true, but they are pushing it out of context:
      1) Who Waits 30 years to acuse somebody of something, whatever it is? Why people had not the bollocks to do in 1-month time or even 1-year time. Why wait so long?
      2) This, I'm sure, leads many people to think people are just pursuing a financial reward (Im not sure about what), but only a feel have the courage to make this thoughts public...These pursuing something may say "let's surf that wave... if it makes, great; if not we have nothing to lose..."
      3) When Morrissey says where is the 14 year old boy's parents, seems a logical question to aks. I mean, if by the middle 80's he was free in Hollywood parties, he might be very aware of things. Spacey did? Maybe yes. But didn't you while at a University Party? Is it wrong? Well, he tried, but backed up, didn't he? So, think how many times you did this with a girl or a boy?
      3) All Morrissey wants to say, in my opinion, is "hold on! Do not take for grant what people say, the history people tells. DO NOT consider someone guilty UNTIL he/she is PROVEN to be guilty.
      4) About Trump, Morrissey went on in a embush... It is all hipotetic... there is no such thing like press a button and someone is killed. At least for citizens like us. For Trump and others, of course, this exists. It is in a figurative way... so common' all of us can name a few names we wanted to get rid of, meaning, we just don't want these people mess up our life like they do, so they are, in a nutshell, politicians whose crazyness can kill us all or lead people to confrontation as Trump did with his signature in a piece o shit paper. So, Morrissey show emphaty for Israel and their people is harmless. But not Trump.
      5) The other things like rape, child abuse is sooooooo, sooooooo, out of question that I really can't say anything.
      6) The racist thing twisted... the statement about chinese being sup-species is so out of context when you don't read it in full.
      7) If you read all above, please do not take next words out of context.... I think there is much ado going on... The world is becoming a very boring place where ideas and opinions can't be discussed without a fuzz, without trying to terminate with the other side. Gone are the times we could get along with different views and grow like humans.
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    5. Anonymous
      You’re whole entire post was completely moot to me right after I read your point #1. Really? I’m not saying nobody ever fabricates something for their own personal agenda, but your obviously a bit of an asshole. You definitely sound like one of the “he/she was asking for it” crowd.
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    6. countthree
      He didn't say he has his own recording, Der Spiegel did. But they don't know for sure if he has his own recording as a mean of protecting himself from twister journalists, as experience teached him. I wouldn't be so sure either. Until now we only know there was some edition in the transcript of the questions. If you edit the questions, that could totally change the meaning of the answers. It's basic common sense.
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    7. Peterb
      Beautifully put.
      I understand that, I really do.
      But a couple of points if I may.
      Firstly, the insults and hatred that can be directly at one personally (albeit via the internet) can affect people emotionally.
      Secondly, I meant 'enemy' within the context of the wallboard. As in a 'Morrissey Solo Enemy'. (does that make sense?).
      None of the above is meant to detract from your excellent and rather well written post.
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    8. A Man Escaped
      A Man Escaped
      I wonder if the newspaper contacted Morrissey or his management about their plans to release the audio recording of the interview.

      It may explain why the gigs have been cancelled. He probably doesn't want the audio release hours before he's due to go on stage as any cancellation on the day would not look good.

      If he is sick , maybe it is with worry over the repercussions.
    9. countthree
      I have a tiny idea about legal matters and I'm sure if things were crystal clear they wouldn't have reasons to delay the release. Der Spiegel's veracity was questioned multiple times by Morrissey since the publishing of the interview and they are taking their time to answer with facts. After three Morrissey's denials (during a show, through his nephew and in Facebook), it's time they realize the ball is on their side. At least from the public eye's point of view.
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    10. countthree
      I don't agree with 1), 2) and the first 3). But now I don't have time to reply. My lunch is over :)
    11. mcrickson
      Where did Der Spiegel say that Morrissey has his own recording of the interview?
    12. Anonymous
      Der Spiegel belongs to the serious German press, and that press is to be taken seriously. Their journalistic standards are very high. These papers are not owned by Murdoch or financed by Trump. So, the nazi comments on this website are quite offensive and unjust. And a bit rich, coming from people who have just made the most nationalistic and populistic, and frankly idiotic decesions (voting for Trump and Brexit), fired on by evil scources like The Sun or Fox News.
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    13. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      And in Holland as well.
      I think he, Aztec, wants more gratitude from all the foreigners from Yerope.
      So please Aztec, shove your foot under my nose. I promise I won’t bite, although my teeth are in excellent condition and sharp enough.
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    14. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Which could mean the unedited audio tape still exists.
      And could be edited but how would we know?
      Still unclear if Moz has it taped too. Or a copy. It’s a bit strange, to say the least, he wouldn’t tape it, or be that naive as to completely trust on them.
      And it could be edited too.
      And published.
      And how would we know?
    15. ACTON
      But hasn't Moz recorded every interview himself ever since The Smiths? I know he used to, I don't know if he still does. If he does then he knows he's telling the truth. If he doesn't then I'd say 50/50 chance he'll be proven right. The fact we're even talking about this crap is a tragedy.
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    16. bedlam breakout
      bedlam breakout
      yep theres a new album and tour that should be the conversation point right now but for various reasons this load of bollox is instead
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    17. Marco
      No, Im not! As I said you all take things for granted. You don't want to think about options. All you want to is have a scapegoat! I never said, I never said... you're just acting with me as you act with Morrissey or anybody that keeps mind open to other possibilities of how things could have developed.
      I mean... one person Waits 30 years and all of sudden you have 20, 30 persons with the very same accusation. For me this rings the alert sign. Are they liars? No, I never said so! Are they saying the absolutely true? I dunno. So, that's why we should all keep the mind open for other possibilities and versions of the same history. Today is enough if I ever have been in the same place as Mr, or Mrs. X to say to the press in the next day or 30 years after that I was a victim of harassment. People should go for it, no doubt. They should call the police and denounce it, no doubt! I never ever harassed anyone and will never, but the point is there is another human being on the other side of the story. Let's hear all parts and let the police do their job. Meanwhile, do not condemn anybody, unless you are the victim and know perfectly what happened or if you are a witness involved on it.
      And the point here is what Morrissey said and what he meant! And Im sure he didn't meant that the supports Spacey if he really did what he was accused of. But because of your answer, full of anger against somebody you have never seen and that you know nothing about, I know is pointless to try building any discussion. You are the nuttshel of humankind nowadays... you have the HERD BEHAVIOUR.
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    18. Anonymous
      EOPLE, fake news DER SPIEGEL making a EDITED Recording??? Take many many days of making the edit recording?????? FAKE NEWS FAKE RECORDING people put recording for the microscope for faking!!
      Many fake anons work in DER SPIEGEL anon>fake.
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    19. g23
      That was the post of someone who speaks more languages than you do.
    20. Anonymous
      Here’s what bothers me.
      I’m not making any apologies for what may or may have no thought been said but people have to consider “how” and in what context it was said.
      A lot of these statements are somewhat innocent such as the “One wonders where his parents were”. This could have been said early in the interview just as a passing thought but if strung together with bunch of other statements all of a sudden “What a jerk”. It takes on a whole new context and meaning from what was originally intended. Magazines are guilty of this allllll the time. They string a bunch of stuff together to create a more dramatic article (DIRT SELLS).
      Also things such as “sarcasm” and “comments said in jest” are completely lost in print.
      Besides all of this Morrissey is only HUMAN. It is possible that he said these things (it’s also possible he didn’t). This may may have been a moment of stupidity or lack in good judgement unfortunately played out in a public forum. I have expressed some stupid opinions over the years, blanket statements said without much thought. AND I have had my ass handed to me because of these statements. I was wrong. I feel extremely lucky that my friends didn’t write me off as a complete idiot just because I may have been “misinformed”. I learned from my mistakes. How many people in this forum have “never” been guilty of saying anything stupid? We are so quick to hate. Morrissey is only human, capable of making the same mistakes WE ALL make.
      I wouldn’t want him any other way.

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