Der Spiegel audio file of Morrissey interview released

Here you go. The recording of the interview.

Der Audiomitschnitt zum SPIEGEL-Interview mit Morrissey - Spiegel Online
Sänger Morrissey fühlt sich nach einem Interview mit dem SPIEGEL falsch zitiert und will nun nie wieder mit Printmedien sprechen. Hören Sie hier den Mitschnitt des Interviews.

English version:

The Audio of DER SPIEGEL's Interview with Morrissey
British pop singer Morrissey has accused DER SPIEGEL of falsely quoting him in a recently published interview. The magazine stands behind its reporting and has made the decision to post the audio online in response.

On Friday, Nov. 10, DER SPIEGEL culture reporter Juliane Liebert told her editors that she had been offered an interview with British popstar Morrissey and that a decision needed to be made quickly on whether to accept. We agreed: The former lead singer of The Smiths doesn't shy away from speaking his mind - and he also doesn't grant interviews very often.

The following Monday, Liebert flew to Los Angeles, where she was to interview Morrissey on Tuesday. The interview appointment got delayed several times before finally taking place on Wednesday and lasting 40 minutes. Edited versions of interviews published in DER SPIEGEL are usually authorized by the interview subject before publication, consistent with established procedure in German journalism. But in this instance, Morrissey's team elected to forego authorization.

After its publication on Nov. 18 in DER SPIEGEL, the interview (available behind the SPIEGEL Plus paywall in German) generated headlines not only in the German-language media. English publications like the Independent also wrote about Morrissey's statements regarding Trump, Brexit, the #MeToo debate and questions of national identity.

The musician then sought to distance himself from the published interview. "Unless you see the words form in my mouth and then you see or hear the words come out of my mouth... please, if you don't see that, I didn't say them," he told fans at a concert. He said he would never grant an interview to a print journalist again.

On Monday, Morrissey followed up with a post on his official Facebook page casting doubt on whether his statements had been reflected accurately by DER SPIEGEL. He also alleged that the fact that the magazine had not yet posted the raw audio of the interview was tantamount to an indirect admission of guilt.

To counter that claim, the editors of DER SPIEGEL have decided to post the audio of the interview online.

You can listen to the interview conducted with Morrissey in Los Angeles on Nov. 15 here:

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Interview mp3 - yours to keep:
(the exact file as used on the site).

Media coverage:

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You are all acting as if he cares/ if will effect him/ruin his career/fans won't like him. The same ones who told him to f off all went to his concert. He is human Teflon. It makes you mad doesn't it?
What “makes [me] mad” is simply what he said. What he said is ignorant, vile, sexist, racist, and unforgivable. Morrissey has proven to be someone who lacks empathy and a moral compass.

I don’t care if he cares about how his words impact people. What I care about is not supporting him any longer. Not buying his records any longer. Not attending his shows any longer. Not providing him any income. I will listen to his album on YouTube once - since once is enough. Merely to satisfy my curiosity.

Morrissey Sucks. True words spoken. Spoken by me!!
The Troll downvote here, is from the user here Thewlis, who clearly defends those exploiting the vulnerable. What a cunt.

I can't see who did it to mine, because I'm anonymous, but I assume it was the same person.

What I can infer from this is that some Morrissey fans don't mind their idol being a rape defending racist, yet can't see the irony in Morrissey criticising Trump, while Morrissey says the very same things Trump says. Change migrants to Europe to Mexicans; change Kevin Spacey to Roy Moore. The sentiment is still the same.
i agree with 98.4% of what was said by him in this interview. i wouldve asked him at the end of the interview what he thinks about the usa most likely being the biggest spanish-speaking country in 2050.
Indeed I think, and thought, it was an excellent interview, only ruined by the sensasionalist mainstream media backlash.
I also thought it interesting he couldn't say he liked Mark E Smith because he'd not said that he liked Morrissey first, that speaks volumes about Morrissey, strangely enough I bumped into Mark E Smith in the bar at Morrissey's King Georges Hall gig in Blackburn, many years ago, so it's probably safe to assume Mark is a fan.
From reading 'Renegade', a biography co-written by Smith, I remember he used to dis Morrissey in almost every chapter - with a certain envy, but no sign of fandom
For me and all the other victims of sexual abuse and molestation - FUCK YOU!!!’
Such a crusader, standing up for the victims of sexual abuse.....on a Morrissey forum, go out and volunteer at a center like I have. Us victims of abuse are a lot more tougher than you give us credit for. We're not cowering waitng for some one to come to our rescue online
Indeed I think, and thought, it was an excellent interview, only ruined by the sensasionalist mainstream media backlash.
they cannot ruin the interview. it's still there with a few edited parts. is it technically possible to cut out the interviewer so that one can listen only to morrissey's voice instead? i would really enjoy that.
I'm guessing the next move from camp Morrissey is to claim the interview has been edited? Or just no further comment at all? I think the above post nails it for me, storm in a teacup. I have spent 30 years enjoying his music while basically filtering out his vegetarianism sentiments, its white noise to me. Its an opinion I just don't agree with (I'm pro-eating meat, anti-animal cruelty, which I know is a complete contradiction to a lot of people, but eh, whatever, thats another topic). Point is, Morrissey has displayed these beliefs I don't agree with for a long time but I love his music, thats what I follow along for, the stuff I don't like is just white noise (droning on about the Monarchy etc). This is no different, he has some shit opinions I don't agree with but, eh...
The difference to me is he hasn't (as far as we know) actually *done* something shitty. Now if it came out that he was the Kevin Spacey type or something, that would be a different line for me.
There's always the art vs artist issue. Each person answers the question in their own way. Some will stop Sirius/XM subscriptions because Bannon is on their now and others won't. People still flock to the Michael Jackson Cirque show in Vegas even though he was diddling little kids. There's countless other examples. I've struggled with art vs artist with Morrissey for a few years now. For the first time in 20 years I gave his current tour a miss. I'll listen to the audio and compare it with his statements and see where I'm at after that. Maybe I can just be interested in him only when there's a band behind him and maybe not.
I miss the days when the biggest controversy was about if Morrissey really did stiff the crew on their wages for the 2002 tour. Seems so innocent and quaint in retrospect.
What does the Blue Rose Society say about all this. As we all know after went offline, BRS and the Following the Mozziah blog are Morrissey's online mouthpiece.
So there you have it. Will he be rushing to the lawyers? Course not. And that statement yesterday was firefighting bollocks from the Moz bunker. Ridiculous.

He said what he said, and he doesn't like what he said.
“ He said what he said, and he doesn't like what he said.[/QUOTE] “

If it is true that he doesn’t like what he said (but how would we know?) he should say it.

On a side note: On that photo of him accompanying the article he really looked pissed and has that stare.
He looked really evil and angry.

There was a mentioning of the photographer being removed from the hotel by the hotel manager.
For what is unclear.

I can’t believe he just really said the outrageous remark about Germany (Berlin?) being the rape capital of the world. Not substantiated by any source of statistics.

And more worrying, in his statement on his official Facebook, in the simple question and anwer mode it was missing that he didn’t say it.

Oh well, I guess he was mad as hell and wanted to hit back.
Happened before, thinking about the subspecies comment after he witnessed the horrific torture of animals in China on footage on the internet.

I don’t like what he said, wished he had not but I guess I am still under the spell of his music cause LIHS is a great album and I don’t believe anything of the evil person he seems to be for so many people.
I miss the days when the biggest controversy was about if Morrissey really did stiff the crew on their wages for the 2002 tour. Seems so innocent and quaint in retrospect.
He left the whole crew stiff? Moz is such a tease
I miss the days when the biggest controversy was about if Morrissey really did stiff the crew on their wages for the 2002 tour. Seems so innocent and quaint in retrospect.
Why? Personally I think defrauding your employees (if thats what happened) is a far more heinous crime than uttering ill-judged bonmots about the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey and borderline racist opinions. That German open borders comment is frankly disgusting but many many people actually believe it to be true.
And then he said he didn't actually say it. Is that really a crime? Or just a lie?

The age of social media has made a mockery of all of us.
The statement he recently released, everything he listed is still true. The release of the audio doesn't really say so otherwise, all it does is express his views of the EU and of the Spacey allegations. In retrospect, these views are really not that different to many ordinary folk, and are really rather harmless. I think, as have many have pointed out, the be gripe for Morrissey is that what he said was being taken out of context by many publications. "Morrissey defends Spacey" - well, not really. The comment about Germany being the rape capital of Europe, is misinformed, I believe. Other than that, what is so shocking that Morrissey said? None of this is really new from him, and none of it can be proven wrong - it's an opinion, and other than the comment about Germany/rape capital, I'm not sure what else he said was misinformed, really. I'm happy for someone to discuss this with me.
I miss the days when the biggest controversy was about if Morrissey really did stiff the crew on their wages for the 2002 tour. Seems so innocent and quaint in retrospect.
I find that more shocking than a few tired, rehashed Farage-isms.

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