Der Spiegel audio file of Morrissey interview released

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    Here you go. The recording of the interview.

    Der Audiomitschnitt zum SPIEGEL-Interview mit Morrissey - Spiegel Online
    Sänger Morrissey fühlt sich nach einem Interview mit dem SPIEGEL falsch zitiert und will nun nie wieder mit Printmedien sprechen. Hören Sie hier den Mitschnitt des Interviews.

    English version:

    The Audio of DER SPIEGEL's Interview with Morrissey
    British pop singer Morrissey has accused DER SPIEGEL of falsely quoting him in a recently published interview. The magazine stands behind its reporting and has made the decision to post the audio online in response.

    On Friday, Nov. 10, DER SPIEGEL culture reporter Juliane Liebert told her editors that she had been offered an interview with British popstar Morrissey and that a decision needed to be made quickly on whether to accept. We agreed: The former lead singer of The Smiths doesn't shy away from speaking his mind - and he also doesn't grant interviews very often.

    The following Monday, Liebert flew to Los Angeles, where she was to interview Morrissey on Tuesday. The interview appointment got delayed several times before finally taking place on Wednesday and lasting 40 minutes. Edited versions of interviews published in DER SPIEGEL are usually authorized by the interview subject before publication, consistent with established procedure in German journalism. But in this instance, Morrissey's team elected to forego authorization.

    After its publication on Nov. 18 in DER SPIEGEL, the interview (available behind the SPIEGEL Plus paywall in German) generated headlines not only in the German-language media. English publications like the Independent also wrote about Morrissey's statements regarding Trump, Brexit, the #MeToo debate and questions of national identity.

    The musician then sought to distance himself from the published interview. "Unless you see the words form in my mouth and then you see or hear the words come out of my mouth... please, if you don't see that, I didn't say them," he told fans at a concert. He said he would never grant an interview to a print journalist again.

    On Monday, Morrissey followed up with a post on his official Facebook page casting doubt on whether his statements had been reflected accurately by DER SPIEGEL. He also alleged that the fact that the magazine had not yet posted the raw audio of the interview was tantamount to an indirect admission of guilt.

    To counter that claim, the editors of DER SPIEGEL have decided to post the audio of the interview online.

    You can listen to the interview conducted with Morrissey in Los Angeles on Nov. 15 here:

    Posted by Famous when dead:

    Interview mp3 - yours to keep:
    (the exact file as used on the site).

    Media coverage:

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