Der Spiegel audio file of Morrissey interview released

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    Here you go. The recording of the interview.

    Der Audiomitschnitt zum SPIEGEL-Interview mit Morrissey - Spiegel Online
    Sänger Morrissey fühlt sich nach einem Interview mit dem SPIEGEL falsch zitiert und will nun nie wieder mit Printmedien sprechen. Hören Sie hier den Mitschnitt des Interviews.

    English version:

    The Audio of DER SPIEGEL's Interview with Morrissey
    British pop singer Morrissey has accused DER SPIEGEL of falsely quoting him in a recently published interview. The magazine stands behind its reporting and has made the decision to post the audio online in response.

    On Friday, Nov. 10, DER SPIEGEL culture reporter Juliane Liebert told her editors that she had been offered an interview with British popstar Morrissey and that a decision needed to be made quickly on whether to accept. We agreed: The former lead singer of The Smiths doesn't shy away from speaking his mind - and he also doesn't grant interviews very often.

    The following Monday, Liebert flew to Los Angeles, where she was to interview Morrissey on Tuesday. The interview appointment got delayed several times before finally taking place on Wednesday and lasting 40 minutes. Edited versions of interviews published in DER SPIEGEL are usually authorized by the interview subject before publication, consistent with established procedure in German journalism. But in this instance, Morrissey's team elected to forego authorization.

    After its publication on Nov. 18 in DER SPIEGEL, the interview (available behind the SPIEGEL Plus paywall in German) generated headlines not only in the German-language media. English publications like the Independent also wrote about Morrissey's statements regarding Trump, Brexit, the #MeToo debate and questions of national identity.

    The musician then sought to distance himself from the published interview. "Unless you see the words form in my mouth and then you see or hear the words come out of my mouth... please, if you don't see that, I didn't say them," he told fans at a concert. He said he would never grant an interview to a print journalist again.

    On Monday, Morrissey followed up with a post on his official Facebook page casting doubt on whether his statements had been reflected accurately by DER SPIEGEL. He also alleged that the fact that the magazine had not yet posted the raw audio of the interview was tantamount to an indirect admission of guilt.

    To counter that claim, the editors of DER SPIEGEL have decided to post the audio of the interview online.

    You can listen to the interview conducted with Morrissey in Los Angeles on Nov. 15 here:

    Posted by Famous when dead:

    Interview mp3 - yours to keep:
    (the exact file as used on the site).

    Media coverage:

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    1. Uncleskinny
      By which you concede you agree with his heinous views, which are now damaging his moribund career.
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    2. Anonymous
      "What was the last lie someone told about you?"
      "That I wrote a song about Brexit."
      Sure are a lot of liars on this site.
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    3. Anonymous
      A VERY IRRITATING uhum uhum uhum uhum uhum uhum uhum.... And why does it loop again and again with the first question. Yuck!
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    4. CrystalGeezer
      I thought there might be a tone of irony they capitalized on in print, that that was his issue with interviews, that they misrepresent his sarcasm. But he says it pretty matter-of-fact.
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    5. mcrickson
      I've gotta say, I have a hard time believing anything will happen next. I think it'll be just like the "Paris #1" fiasco, where he finally doesn't reply once he's been shown-up.
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    6. zivilars
      I'm sure DER SPIEGEL will apologize soon for not having recorded the interview in audiophile 5.1 dolby surround. They definitely should have known that this recording is not only for transcribing, but to be released for every Morrissey fan's listening pleasure.
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    7. Uncleskinny
      Never explain, never apologise. That's the policy. And he wonders why record companies keep dropping him and his career is in tatters.
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    8. No1uno
      I like the interviewers voice.
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    9. Pokey
      I'm guessing the next move from camp Morrissey is to claim the interview has been edited? Or just no further comment at all? I think the above post nails it for me, storm in a teacup. I have spent 30 years enjoying his music while basically filtering out his vegetarianism sentiments, its white noise to me. Its an opinion I just don't agree with (I'm pro-eating meat, anti-animal cruelty, which I know is a complete contradiction to a lot of people, but eh, whatever, thats another topic). Point is, Morrissey has displayed these beliefs I don't agree with for a long time but I love his music, thats what I follow along for, the stuff I don't like is just white noise (droning on about the Monarchy etc). This is no different, he has some shit opinions I don't agree with but, eh...
      The difference to me is he hasn't (as far as we know) actually *done* something shitty. Now if it came out that he was the Kevin Spacey type or something, that would be a different line for me.

      Personally I think he just has trouble picking out finer details, he likes to make big sweeping statements, partly I'm sure because it creates controversy and gets people talking about him, and partly because I just think he has a really weird view of the world. I've known people like this before in person. They're absolutely against victim blaming and sex abuse and all of that, they 100% are. Yet they also want to express that the accused has a right to fair judgement by law. I heard someone say the way we handle alleged victims shouldn't be that we automatically believe them instantly, but we should take their claims very seriously and it should be investigated. I have heard less articulate people butcher views like that and come across sounding like they mean something they don't actually mean. Morrissey to me fits this in a lot of ways. Yes, he's poetic and he can use language beautifully, but that doesn't always mean he's overly articulate and conveys meaning well. It's one thing to sit and ponder over lyrics or answers via text and spell out exactly what you want. But on the spot in person some people can be terrible at it. Morrissey, as well all know, is also pretty blunt and not always the most empathetic person. I think he can be quite oblivious to the way he comes across a lot of the time and to him he thinks he is putting out what he means, but its delivered poorly.
      So I don't think he is all bad and evil, I think it's a bit of a storm in a tea cup. It is absolutely problematic, but not an awful person. With how he's said what he's said, I don't agree with it, but I don't think its THAT bad. The one thing that is bad, is how he's handling it. He's a stubborn bastard. But the problem here is this site has people who have the knives out for him at every turn. People who are wanking over every bit of bad publicity that comes his way or that he creates and he can do no right. Then there are those who defend him at every turn who believe he can do no wrong. Clearly the answer is somewhere in the middle.
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    10. Anonymous
      Imo this is the more important question in this whole scenario. It's either extreme self punishment because the person who gave the answers obviously knows what was said or he genuinely believes that he didn't say all of those things. One doesn't quite know which possibility is the better one.
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    11. Anonymous
      Bending the rules of a late night card game

      Where the loser removes an item of clothing
      You're dreading each deal, so urgent and grave
      Have a shufty over your shoulder
      Well, it's a shady game

      And I want to lose Please, let me lose Oh, please, let me lose
    12. Pokey
      Nice voice but the "mmhmm, mmhmm, mmhmm, mmhmm, mmhmm, mmhmm" is awful. Thank god she sticks to print.
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    13. Musician
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    14. billybu69
      The interviewer had a very relaxed manner, Moz could have been talking to an old friend, this perhaps was not a good thing as he allowed himself to be steered down alleys he should not have ventured. Interestingly she did give him an "out", by saying he should ask for next question if he didn't want to answer, an option he didn't take. He has his opinions on the news items of the day, and to be fair he is of a certain era, and he's right many things where very different 50-60 years ago maybe not for the better, and that does colour your views on things, but he should have learned by now you've got to dance lightly around anyone with a pen or camera these days.

      He has a couple of choices as I see it, he should stand by what he says, or be prepared to throw his hands up and say I got that wrong when need be, or he should do as suggested and never speak to journalists again, if he can't trust himself, because from what I just heard this journalist did no wrong.
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    15. dotmatrix522
      I liked that she asked him about Mark E. Smith-that was interesting. And whether or not Moz had any more books he’s working on at the moment.
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    16. Uncleskinny
      You. AGAIN.

      You have literally just heard what Morrissey said, and he's a liar.

      What goes on in your brain other than "LOOK OVER THERE! NOT HERE, NO, OVER THERE!"
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    17. billybu69
      Bloody hell that brings back memories my mum used to love this, great song.
    18. Shyness 1s nice
      Shyness 1s nice
      I couldn't hear the name she said, so thank you for that. I just googled him. First 'news' article came up -
      Mark E Smith of The Fall: ‘Ed Sheeran and Jeremy Corbyn are evil twins :lbf: Sounds like an interesting man!
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    19. Anonymous
      Someone should tell that to
      Morrissey. ...and the comment was SPOT ON. If you’re still in the Moz apologist camp, making excuses for him and trying to deflect from the topic at hand - you’re completely fucking delusional.
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    20. No1uno
      The reporter did a very good job. She developed rapport, which always develops the best information. But more importantly, she gained consent from morrissey when she asked if she could ask about politics. This removes any trickery or bias that he may claim later. He willingly said these things.
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