Depeche Mode songwriter Martin Gore subpoenaed by crazy gamer in 'World of Warcraft'

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You'd think that only Hollywood could come up with this kind of stories, but it's crazy gamer Erik Estavillo who is behind this. Estavillo says he subpoenas the Depeche Mode member in his $1 million lawsuit to be a witness on 'alienation' and the ties it has to World of Warcraft, since he (Gore) himself has been known to be sad, lonely and alienated, as can be seen in the songs he writes. More after the jump.
According to GameSpot, Estavillo filed the lawsuit against Activision Blizzard alleging that the famous multiplayer online role-playing game alienates players and contributes to mental health problems. He does not indicate if he talks about his own mental health problems, which he clearly has... You can read the subpoena below. Have fun.

It's not the first time the crazy gamer has been doing this. Earlier on he very unsuccessfully sued Sony after being banned from the Playstation Network. Due to his 'alienated' behaviour we guess.


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Re: Depeche Mode songwriter Martin Gore subpoenaed by crazy gamer in 'World of Warcra

The game only exacerbates the problem that lies underneath. I don't know what ramifications this person has for subpoenaing Mr. Gore, then calling Winona Ryder as a witness. I am speechless really. If I knew this was possible I would have sued Geffen records "For deliberately releasing depressing records form publicly alienated artists." Anything is possible I guess.
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