Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan records special Apple Store live set

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Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan has played an instore set at New York's Soho Apple store on October 23rd in support of his new album "Hourglass" which is out since this week. The show has been recorded and will be sold exclusively via iTunes in a later stage. The setlist of the very private show (only about 100 people were allowed in) was as follows:
  1. Saw Something
  2. Kingdom
  3. Deeper And Deeper
  4. Use You
  5. Endless
  6. A Little Lie
  7. Miracles (encore)
YouTube has a sound check video of this performance. Edit (just looked at the youtube bit and it is kind of worthless)
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I just posted a request for any Dave Gahan stuff about a minute before you posted this.

Thanks a made my Halloween night!!!
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