Depeche Mode new song "Come Back" in studio video/audio

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It's a Dave written song. Martin playing piano and singing back-up. Fletch fiddling with something.

2 more songs downloads I found online

The Eastern synth pop style of this instrumental, made me initially think of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Yellow Magic Orchestra but Martin Gore insists it makes him think of Martin Denny. So let's say that it sounds a little like YMO's cover of Denny's 'Firecracker' and an interesting piece of retro exotica and leave it at that.

Hole to Feed
'Hole To Feed'
This is one of Dave Gahan's three contributions as a songwriter to the main album, worked on with his writing partners Christian Eigner (DM's regular drummer) and Andrew Phillpott. The construction of Playing The Angel was marred by jockeying for position between the singer and Martin Gore but this has given way to an almost Socialist division of labour. Instead of Gahan insisting on having a certain amount of space on the album before agreeing to even set foot in the studio now both parties (i.e. Gore and Gahan. Andy Fletcher doesn't write the music or play any instruments) write according to their abilities and the group as a whole receives according to its needs. This is as it should be. Gore remains the primary songwriter and Gahan is the front man and secondary song writer, while Fletch, perhaps more crucially is a facilitator. He stops the other two from killing each other and acts as a necessary intermediary for Gore. This is minimal acid blues and concerns the singer's addictive nature, and its minimalism is emphasized by the use of old equipment and a prominent, primitive rock guitar.
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time to pack it in lads, not made a decent record in 20years, "come back" that songs as dull as dishwater like u2 in a coma -yaaaawwwwwn.

The Seeker of Good Songs

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The Seeker of Good Songs

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sounds like "dave" wants to get back on the smack or else retire.
I think it is equal with most of his solo material. Not very good.
I always wonder what Dave's contribution to the song writing is because he has two co-writers. Is he lyrics and melody and they the song?


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time to pack it in lads, not made a decent record in 20years, "come back" that songs as dull as dishwater like u2 in a coma -yaaaawwwwwn.
hmm, i thought U2's been sounding like U2 in a coma for years.


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I like Come Back, but it's probably my least favorite of the songs I've heard from the album. There's a kind of interesting tension between the plaintive optimism of Dave's simple lyrics and the nervousness-inducing synth bass and strings. I wonder if this was a "stripped down" performance. The track-by-track review that was posted here a few days ago described the song as almost shoegazing in sound, and I didn't get that vibe at all from the video. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

SOGS: I can't offer a cite but I seem to remember reading an interview a year or so back wherein Dave verified that his co-writers write the music and then he writes the lyrics. No telling if there's any overlap there though.

I wouldn't consider Dave a bad songwriter, but he's definitely a neophyte and nowhere in Martin's league. I think in general he has good (if rough) concepts for songs, and there are very brief flashes of greatness on both of his solo albums. His three contributions to Playing The Angel are canonical DM as far as I'm concerned, though I have to say that Come Back (or at least this incarnation of it) isn't as good as those. Still, I think mixing it up and giving Martin a reason to stay on his toes can't be a bad thing. I also like the naivete and unsure nature of Dave's lyrical contributions; it adds an interesting touch to the whole package.

I'm going to do something out of the ordinary for myself and not listen to the other two leaks. I want to experience the rest of this album in full. Still counting the days...


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I'll wait for the whole album to leak and listen to the whole thing.

I agree about the Gahan thing. After 20+ of Martin Gore providing the songs, why change? It wasn't like Dave had this incredible All Things Must Pass backlog of tunes he was hording. I want DM to be all Gore originals with Dave singing. Or if we are subject to a couple Dave tunes, give us at LEAST 2 Gore vocals. Anyway, I love DM.
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