Denise Johnson dies - New album features a Smiths cover version ("Well I Wonder")


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Sad when anyone dies but probably a more influential and interesting Mancurian that died the other day was CP Lee, who i had no idea about, till I looked into his past.
Yes, his passing is much more consequential than that of Denise. Go start a C.P. Lee thread, you insufferable tugger.

Ralston Gildenstern II

He was in a psychedelic band in the 60's...a Bonzo-Dog style 70's band with Vini Reilly's drummer Bruce Mitchell - Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias, part set up the Manchester Digital Music Archive....i think that's pretty interesting.
Yes. That deserves its own thread! One aside from this one. Keep aiming! One day you may get back to the table without a stain on your knickers. ;)


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Fantastic to see that the fundraising effort to pay for Denise's funeral raised 20K in 8 hours.

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Today 31st July 2020 would of been Denise Johnson's 57th birthday! Denise Johnson was born in Manchester on 31st July 1963.

A Tribute to Denise Johnson 31st July 1963-27th July 2020:

Her friend Sue Langford says…

The singer Denise Johnson has died suddenly at home in Manchester at the age of 56 on Monday morning 27th July 2020.

Denise Johnson had been ill in the week prior to her death but told friends she was “much better” on Friday. The cause of death is not yet known, although she was discovered, holding her inhaler, on Monday morning. Maybe she had asthma?

Best known for her work with the band 'Primal Scream' on their 1990s albums especially their classic seminal album "Screamadelica" and the album "Give Out But Don’t Give Up". Denise Johnson had sung with Manchester band 'A Certain Ratio' (ACR) for over 25 years, and provided guest vocals for New Order, Electronic, Ian Brown, the Pet Shop Boys, Bernard Butler, the late Michael Hutchence and Gay Dad, to name a few. She would also want it recorded that she was a 'Manchester City' football supporter.

More recently, she’d been performing acoustic sets with guitarist Thomas Twemlow, featuring covers of great Mancunian songs by artists such as Cherry Ghost, 10CC, The Smiths and New Order. They opened their Bluedot 2019 set with The Carpenters song ‘Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft’ – an appropriate choice for a gig in the shadows of Jodrell Bank’s Lovell Telescope. An album, titled "Where Does It Go", is due out in September.

Denise Johnson was the daughter of a Jamaican-born, Windrush-generation nurse, and grew up in the notoriously crime-ridden walkways of the Hulme housing estate in Manchester. Probably the Hulme Crescents estate?

Denise Johnson began her singing career in local covers bands in the 1980s before joining soul group 'Fifth Of Heaven' and, later, dance duo 'Hypnotone'.
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