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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Librarian On Fire, Oct 13, 2019.

By Librarian On Fire on Oct 13, 2019 at 4:25 AM
  1. Librarian On Fire

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    Aug 6, 2010
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    One of those stories from the woke about how they now disagree with their favourite artist/writer/musician because their favourite artist/writer/musician expresses a viewpoint or opinion which differs from their world view and they don't know how to cope with that. There was another recent article like this in another New Zealand publication where the author gave up her love for Haruki Murakami because of how he portrayed his female characters. Fiction. It's a dangerous thing. Pity the author or editor doesn't know when to use the correct spelling for "you're".
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Librarian On Fire, Oct 13, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      Han är som han är för att människor som du som aldrig fick det han handlar om ändå trodde att du hade någon form av idé. Ditt inlägg har just vunnit den utmärkta utmärkelsen för 2019.

      Åh vänta du har också skaffat dig den passiva aggressiva utmärkelsen och kanske Nobelkommittén tee hee tee hee kommer att ge dig något som Greta inte tilldelades för istället valde de en massmordare från Afrika för bra mått.

    2. Nerak
      If you find him worthless, it's a bit odd that you're thinking about him so much.

      I'm more impressed that someone as dysfunctional as Morrissey can get himself together enough to do the work.
    3. Nerak
      I didn't understand the point they were making - so if they want a useful reply - they'll have to explain what they mean.
    4. Anonymous

      Since your ass is on fire, why darling are you still alive? Was a failed suicide ? "Nice try" ! Better luck next time. Use kerosene ...it burns longer !
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    5. Anonymous
      So your lice all over you read do they now?
      Cheap kiosk litterature telling you to show them my brilliant posts.
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    6. Anonymous
      If she had ever been dumped by a man she would have never stopped announcing it.
    7. Anonymous
      THEY LIVE!

      They are in the keyhole. The telly is a portal.
    8. Anonymous
      I wonder if she is related to the swedish based murdering terrorist family of Helle Klein and her mad dad?
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    9. Anonymous
      Kylie Klein Nixon and Sara Passmore were some real chunkers in 2006. Did they consume a lot of murdered animals?

    10. Anonymous
      She used to be a sycophantic slag. She's no longer sycophantic.

      MOZZER replied to her:

    11. Nerek
      Skinny apparently hates Morrissey.

      Whereas I like Morrissey & want to rescue him from P.R. disaster.

      But also I was having a moan about the state of the UK Labour party because it's even more of a disaster.
    12. Suedestomp
      So if anyone is against mass migration, the Left no longer only call you 'racist' or 'fascist', but they've added another slur to their lexicon as from now on you are also 'white supremacist'.
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    13. Deleted member 27456
      Deleted member 27456
      I couldnt agree more Ket I read this also, what a stupid twat she is, fucking IQ of a flip-flop! or if your an Aussie, a thong- either way, what a twat.

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    14. Deleted member 27456
      Deleted member 27456
      Take no notice, she is a fucking idiot trying to make a name for herself, she doesn't make any sense at all, protestor? last straw? I mean, really? fucking idiot!

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    15. countthree
      I can't agree more. This is a very insustancial piece of writing.
    16. PuppetParrot
      Skinny, Moz has no use for your services.
    17. Anonymous
    18. bored
      I'm pretty done with all the articles of "I quit Morrissey" and "Morrissey is holding true to himself" that are written by people I've never heard of.

      It is like when some super shitty band says "We think The Smiths are overrated."
      Meanwhile, they are trying to get $2800 on kickstarter so they can release their shitty 3 song ep.

      It feels like people who want to just latch on to someone famous (positively or negatively) to get their name in the paper for free publicity.

      These op-eds are not insightful or useful. Whether you're for or against Morrissey at this point these articles are self-serving and are only read by people who already have an opinion on the matter.
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    19. gordyboy9
      she will get her five minutes of fame then fade into the wilderness never to be seen again.IM THROUGH WITH MOZZ,i didn't realise they were in a relationship.
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    20. Mozmar
      Does the same apply to anyone against mass immigration, or do they call those ppl something else?
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