David, with all due respect.....why

Are you frying them in your new kitchen yet? ;)

Seriously, I know what you mean.

No fish frying, but I finally have a kitchen sink back as of today. :) Another RL prob solved. :cool:

You should make a YouTube diary for us. Title it "RL Probs." Have some Bright Eyes playing softly in the background.

Have you ever watched paint dry? :p

I would watch your video log, Corrissey. :p :cool:

Thanks, tell your 'friends'. ;):D
You mean your ISP. It's laughable that you paid for an IP-switching service like that, since that functionality is built into every operating system sold in the last, oh, 20 years.

Whatever. This is a separate entity and my firewall is actually stronger. thirn, oh excuse me, slime.
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I'm sincerely at a loss as to how an allusion to someone having multiple accounts compromises that person in any way. Kewpie did not even specify the other account(s). And again, the context allowed perfectly for the joke.

She shouldn't have done it--because you can't? Because you don't have the ability? Well... So? I'm sure you can do some things that she can't. Some yoga position? A difficult piano piece?

Explain to me why this "outing" worries--i.e. exercises--a very few people so much.

But yes, it seems David has asked them not to do it. I would expect her earlier "reprimand" on the matter may in fact have been nothing more than an explanation to her of the administrator's wishes on the matter--unusual wishes, in my experience, as plenty of forums discourage multiple accounts for a single user. You're acting as if they're a staple of life, perhaps something covered by the Bill of Rights.

Please, explain to me why it matters. Just because other people don't know about something doesn't mean it's "private." It more likely means it's trivial.

And no, I haven't noticed that "many" users put one another's names in bold, à la celebrity journalism. I read it as emphasis. A thousand pardons for the Moses crack.

"Listed below" were about the only responses, I think, the second being a joke, and the first wasn't an expression of shock at Kewpie. It was EOH being dramatic, as usual.

Then, NRITH being an ass.

Compare this joke, apparently taken well by the butt of it, and revealing nothing real about anyone, to NRITH's dishonestly baiting Dave and others to his site, noting their IP addresses, and not just comparing the raw, numeric addresses to look for overlap, but searching those numbers in reverse-lookup directories which typically reveal a person's location, employer, or school. He didn't have to do that to see who was pretending to be whom. But he did, and I think he'll admit it, dishonest as he is.

And this was a "prank." I think a prank has to have a comic side, doesn't it? Maybe a punchline? The Paris Hilton and Norman accounts were pranks. Obsessing about them was not. How could it have been? In the words of Peter Cook, I enjoy a good joke, as soon as I know about it. NRITH's snooping, on the forum and in the chatroom, has been dishonest, invasive, and apparently about nothing except gaining leverage over other users as well as a sense of these moderator "powers," the abuse of which quite worries you! I have my own issues with the moderation on this site, but the rejection of NRITH's pleas to be made a mod seems like brilliant judgment in retrospect.

But my initial post about this was only a joke about the irony of NRITH being indignant over invasions of privacy. I hope I don't appear as obsessed as, oh................

Plz crawl out of Kewpie's ass and let us know who you really are. thx

I'm not about to start arguing back-and-forth with a ghostie......
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Plz crawl out of Kewpie's ass and let us know who you really are. thx

I'm not about to start arguing back-and-forth with a ghostie......

Where have I praised Kewpie at all? Your judgment seems clouded by bias.

Again, I simply joked about an obvious instance of hypocrisy. Then Jason began insulting me, and asked for an explanation of my attitude. Which he got. I'm not joining any lynch mobs, against Kewpie or against NRITH. People make their own reputations.

As for not wanting to chat with me at length... I'm trying to form an opinion. I'll get back with you later.
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This thread is funny, Please carry on.
I enjoy it too. It's a shame the conspiracy theorists can't confine their dramas to the forum. Or better yet, to PM's.

It's the price of the chat's newfound popularity, I suppose.

Newfound? Hardly! Just the same old sad acts with new names :p
Jane, it's not funny, it's spun out of control and I'd like it deleted.:(

I think everyone can see that Kali/your dictionary is a fraud. She plays this mental illness card too much. She knows what she's doing. Why has she not been banned? I was banned for nothing, but this crap is abided? I used to think if I just followed TOS I'd be okay, but now I'm totally confused. I'm trying to work out what is allowed and what is not. Apparenly Kali can do this bullshit over and over and over because she plays her mental illness card. Well, I posted that I was insane several times but I get no such leniency!
This place is full of whiners and hypochodriacs! I remember when this used to be a fun place.
end the tyranny! i love who put lamictal! if they're out to get you insane it's not paranoia lamictal lol wtf mr. internot nrith roxx piss and moan quality and maturity
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