David Tseng interviews Boz online

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    This interview was culled from Greasetea.com. The interview will be automatically archived in three hours. ENJOY.

    David: So, how are you Mr. Boorer?
    Boz: Pass the gange on the left hand side!

    D: what? oh, anyhow, so are you excited about April 11th?
    Boz: Welcome to...Electric Avnue (doot doot doo)

    D: excuse me? Alright. So are youexcited about coming to L.A.?
    Boz: Jamona! Jamona! A ten inch cut on Superman's butt!

    D: what the hell are you doing?
    Boz: doo doo do do dee do do doo doo de dee doo doo

    D: ...
    Boz: that's the theme song from Beverly Hills 90120! Guess you couldn;t get that one..too may doo's. You know the Axel Folly theme song? Eddie Murphy was fly. I'm going to respond to each of your questions with an 80's song!

    D: ...
    Boz: Hello?

    Boz: Hello? Hey you there?
    Boz: David! Hello?
    Boz: Hey! Hello? Hello? Helllllllloooooooooooooooo?
    Boz: Fine! I'm just going to type random stuff.
    Boz: ashdehdjkhedkjahduheuheuhdauhduiecbwjcbwejcweucuwehc

    Boz: Hello? I'm hungry.
    Boz: hello? helllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooolololololllllllooo?

    (five minutes pass)
    Boz: You still there? Hello?

    (ten minutes pass)
    Boz: I have to poop. So um, see me play. Bye gang.
    Boz: Hello?

    (2 hours later)
    Boz: hello?

    (end of interview)
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    You post the most boring crap!

    You are an absolute, complete, idiot.

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