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As per Book Of Condolence thread yesterday.
... David addresses the question of on-screen violence in this interview with RTE. He seems very intelligent and charming.
Great to see him from back then. I've just finished reading Ian Ogilvy's bio and he mentions while his Rtn of the Saint was filming there was an attempt to reduce on-screen violence (obs not in same league). It didn't last long.

The Whiskey!!!
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Right long time ago in a galaxy far away ..... the wonderful David Soul accepted an invitation to appear on the Frank Sidebottom TV show. This was watched by around 26 people at 2.30am on a weird TV Channel that half the Country couldn't get.....

So...Frank was not very well known at this stage in his "career" despite releasing a brand new version of Panic by The Smiths as his HIT single. Which he renamed
"Panic On The Streets Of Timperley" (see link. Timperley bring his home town.)

Panic On The Streets Of Timperley

So..back to the TV show. David Soul poor lad was in the Studio, had just got off the plane and he was about to do one of his latest songs. You know, one that your Mother would have REALLY enjoyed (had she been awake at the time.) But Frank was having none of that. What transpired was some of the best TV that these 26 people had ever seen in 30 years. Poor David Soul was a total wreck at the end of it. He was laughing his head off - as if he had been sent on a wind-up - and the show ended in total chaos. As it always did.

Such a good sport. It's a shame that only 26 people ever saw this. But David Soul was truly funny and such a nice guy. I'm glad that later he managed to get over this "experience" and ended up with much success with his band that your Mother adored.....

TV Show Ep3 Part1

TV Show Ep3 Part 2

TV Show Ep3 Part 3

Watch it right to the very end on the last part, right past the trailers.... 🤷🏼

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