David Morrissey on Morrissey's "Autobiography"

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David Morrissey, the "Walking Dead" actor who will be doing the audio version of Autobiography, was interviewed by the AV Club and was asked about the experience of recording the audio book. He gave what I think is a nice, intelligent answer.

The Walking Dead’s David Morrissey on keeping secrets and surviving as the Governor - The A.V. Club


AVC: You recently recorded the audiobook version of Autobiography, by singer-songwriter and former Smiths frontman Morrissey. As a longtime fan of his, what were you most surprised to learn while reading the book?

DM: He’s always had that tag of “miserable Morrissey,” and he certainly can indulge that side of himself. But his humor is unbelievable. I had to stop reading many times because I was laughing so much. His cutting wit is second to none. Not that that surprised me—the consistency of it is amazing. There’s something Wildean about his writing—his putdowns are genius. It was just constantly jumping out at me. He’s somebody who’s in a place now where he’s very secure in his life and his music and I think that security and that belief in himself comes through in the book. He challenges many things in the book, many aspects of his past. There’s a lot of anger toward the music press, but in such a witty way. I hope I’ve done it justice, because it’s such a wonderful book.
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Re: David Morrissey on Morrissey's "Autobiography"

There's not really much that's very intimate regarding Gelato in the book.

Presumably, the audio book is abridged anyway, so it would be harder to read too much into what has and hasn't been cut, compared to the US printed edition.

I sort of love that he dated a man named Ice Cream.


Re: David Morrissey on Morrissey's "Autobiography"

As I expected, Stuart asked David about the audiobook at the end of his interview.

You can listen again from iPlayer around 01:42.
Re: David Morrissey on Morrissey's "Autobiography"

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