David Letterman Skewers Actor/Rapper Joaquin Phoenix During Wildly Odd Interview


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Oh dear! Poor Joaquin was clearly on something. When Letterman couldn't get a conversation going, he just decided to take the piss.


"Joaquin, I'm sorry you couldn't be here tonight"

HAHAHA freaking hilarious. are you people kidding me?? what the f*** else was Letterman supposed to do? either Joaquin was being difficult on purpose, or he was on something. When you interview someone, its expected that the person youre interviewing is gonna give you a little something to go on. he was giving Dave nothing. I'm sure Dave was more uncomfortable than anyone. Of course he was gonna make jokes. People should know now not to f*** with Dave. I will always respect him for how he pwned Bill O'Reilly when he was a guest and of course when he MEGA pwnd John McCain and caught him in a bold faced lie! Dave FTW


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Oh dear! Poor Joaqun was clearly on something. When Letterman couldn't get a conversation going, he just decided to take the piss.
exactly. Dave tried to get a proper interview going but Joaquin wanted no part of it. Furthermore Joaquin had no sense of humor about his unusual appearance.... sorry, Dave has a duty to look out for his show. he doesn't have a responsibility to pander to Joaquin's identity crisis.
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I've always enjoyed Letterman over Leno. I have been a fan of Dave since before high school.


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he did still look good in that suit and shades....he just should have been willing to laugh at himself a little....
He did a couple of times, but couldn't show it more. must. not. break. character. :cool::rolleyes:

Dave is the Man -how can you not laugh at him? Granted, I've watched him for over 25 years, so I'm partial. I'm also American (could be why the Brits don't 'get MY Dave'. :rolleyes: Dave's not what he used to be, but he's a Master at his craft, dry and witty and so damn funny. His laugh and smile are contagious and he bringz the humor (no O). :guitar: Dave, FTW!

I think he had a similar, but (went) better, interview with Paris Hilton. And remember Crispin Glover? Dave can only work with what people bring or give him...and still has to entertain us!
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