David Cameron goaded over The Smiths at Prime Minister's Questions


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Johnny wants to know where the pic is from. I think it is Boston Globe, right? Although they are affiliated with Associated Press.



Hideous trait.
Worm- so great it made you forget proper punctuation? Do not overestimate the intelligence of the hipster, now.

Nevertheless... f***. I've never seen a better testimony of the legacy of the art of Morrissey. I hope he's too keyed up to sleep tonight. He deserves it. Even if this kid bought the quirky, retro shirt in Camden Market and has no idea what it means. :rolleyes:


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Even if this kid bought the quirky, retro shirt in Camden Market and has no idea what it means. :rolleyes:
Not to be cynical or anything :D, but it also helps that in this twenty-first century UK version of "Freedom Guiding the People" , Freedom has a great haircut.
If it was a fat spotty kid in a Smiths t. shirt, doubt anyone would have posted it on TTY.:lbf:

Personally I don't need iconic pics, too old for them, (except of dogs, as some have noted) but apparently, some still do. Is that weakness? I dunno. (looks like an "older" student rather than a "kid" to me btw ;))

Now all Messrs. Morrissey and Marr have to do is make one of those horses wear a Meat is Murder t.shirt... Now that would be Iconic!


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...Does Julia work as a photographer for the Boston Globe now? ;)

These photos are pretty intense but is it because the photographers mingled with the protesters OR because they have a very powerful zoom and those were actually taken from Brighton?:eek:

I find it extremly hard not to be cynical, because a few days ago, when the tuition fees were not voted on yet, neither Marr nor Morrissey said a word about them.
I think Morrissey is only just now developing an interest in the aesthetics of the Student Revolt because they look pretty when they're all bloody and wear his t.shirts :rolleyes:, whereas I give Jhnny the benefit of the doubt because he's a dad and probably feels for the young things, even he is apparently not articulate enough to fully express it. :D

That's the difference between seeing things for what they are and not as a possible tour back drop...Let's hope Johnny has more sense and more sense of Reality (not just an Electronic song title, that).
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because yesterday I had come to the conclusion already that it was set up. :rolleyes:
Well it obviously is, in the sense that someone heard that MPs were throwing Smiths song titles like bricks, thought it would be good publicity, dug up a Smiths Tshirt, and chose the spot where there were tons of photographers to climb a barricade. The pose is very good as well, looks carefully studied.:thumb:

Looks like each revolution needs its icons. (Why?)(Ask me another time!)
It's just a student protest, but an Art student out there probably thought it was time to give the people who love pretty pictures something to marvel at, and as Che Guevara was unavailable...

:) I'm surprised the Smiths fall for it to be honest. Well, Johnny. Is he the type of guy who's impressed by pictures? :o Isn't Morrissey supposed to be the one who can't think good? :D

cornelius blaze

Boychild mustn't tremble!
She/He looks like Lol from This Is England 86! Nice shirt!
Oh yeah...dis looks like Lolly pop!

I vectorised, colour-reduced and cropped it...
don't give up the day job.

He deserves it. Even if this kid bought the quirky, retro shirt in Camden Market and has no idea what it means. :rolleyes:
No that's the Ramones tee she has....cleaned and ironed for the next protest!

Nice Stella McCartney shoes without high heels by the way. I wonder where she got them. Just imagine she'd have worn those with high heels. Lucky her that she found these. Was it smart though to wear such expensive shoes in a protest against high tuition fees?

Police are urging people who can identify any of the suspects whose pictures it has released to call 020 8358 0100 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Still the police aren't interested:
as she didn't make it on here!

Looks like Charlie being Tarzan impersonating Morrissey At Madstock!
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