David Bowie / Warners: 6 albums re-released & remastered for August (CD/Vinyl)

Famous when dead

The albums featuring in the latest David Bowie's Brilliant Adventure box set series will be getting their own individual releases as remastered albums circa August 5, 2022.
("Toy" having not been available prior).

Black Tie White Noise
The release of Black Tie White Noise signaled David Bowie's return to life as a solo performer after releasing three albums with Tin Machine. Reuniting with Let's Dance producer Nile Rodgers, Black Tie White Noise found Bowie putting together a more esoteric kind of dance-rock record. The recording of this album featured the participation of his former Ziggy Stardust guitarist, Mick Ronson.

The Buddha of Suburbia
The Buddha of Suburbia is the 19th album by David Bowie, originally released on 8 November 1993 through Arista Records. It's rough, and has an air of the deliberately unfinished about it. Had it not been linked with Hanif Kureishi's exemplary dramatisation of his book and Bowie called it something like Strangers, it would have been retrospectively given a great deal more air and talked about being the belated follow-up to Low and Heroes. Because the pressure was to an extent, off, it left Bowie free to score a soundtrack, pay homage to himself and his roots while rifling through various stages of his career.

1. Outside
In the cyber-drenched 1990s, David Bowie once again proves himself ahead of the game. Outside is more a monumental collage of techno-war coldness than a mere album. Bowie combines the most essential pieces of each of his previous personas and musical styles to make Outside into an all-too-dense song-cycle with a story-line.

Earthling is the twentieth studio album by David Bowie released in February 1997 via Virgin Records, later reissued on BMG Records. This was the first album Bowie self-produced since his 1974 album Diamond Dogs. Bowie's 1970s experiments in dance music, art-rock and other space-age pop forms helped lay the groundwork for modern styles like ambient and techno and here he comes full circle picking styles and ideas from those he heavily influenced.

Toy is a posthumously released studio album by David Bowie. It was recorded from July to October 2000 in New York City and featured re-recordings of songs Bowie recorded between 1964 and 1971, along with a couple of new tracks.

After releasing the techno industrial, Trent Reznor-influenced Earthling in 1997, David Bowie came back down to Earth on Hours. And although this album has an ambient feel and contains its share of loops and programming, it is organic overall. 'Hours' manages to be cutting edge and personal at the same time. "Thursday's Child," a commercial-sounding single, uses strings and synthesizers to create an atmospheric feel. Credible solo performer Holly Palmer lends her strong voice to the track. "Something in the Air" features the restrained yet effective guitar talents of Reeves Gabrels, who has previously worked with Bowie on his solo material and in Tin Machine. "Survive" is a beautiful tune that features both Mellotron and an acoustic intro and ending. The subdued feel of Hours shows a classic rocker who is at ease and introspective.

The remastered I Know.... may interest some here if they like Bowie's version.
I'll probably put it in the downloads section when I pick it up.
Picked up Black Tie, White Noise yesterday on release day. Will get round to sharing Morrissey & Nevin's track from it tomorrow.
Not my favorite. But the album’s worth it just for the song Jump They Say, up there with his best IMO.
As this was just added to the wiki, seems appropriate to put this snippet here:

"David Bowie covered “I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday” for “Black Tie, White Noise”. It must have been one hell of a moment.

Yes, it was. It was just unbelievable. I remember how I found out about it. It was with Kirsty in Los Angeles. We were out there doing a gig. We were staying at Dave Stewart’s studio because Steve Lillywhite was producing Seal there. We were hanging out, it was all very LA! I remember Wendy and Lisa from Prince’s band came round for breakfast one day. I thought “This is it. I’m living the dream!” (Laughs) Morrissey was in town playing a gig. We went over to the hotel where they were and were hanging out with them. Alan Whyte turned to me “Oh, I’ve got some news for you. David Bowie’s going to do your song.” I went “This a wind-up.” He said “No. He’s going to do “I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday.” He’s already recorded it. I couldn’t believe it, as you can imagine I was very excited."

(The Strange Brew: Nevin interview, 2012 - worth a read).
A few very good lead singles (Jump, Thursday, Buddha, Filthy, Strangers, Little Wonder) from this phase but also exhausting at album length. Definitely worth listening to again. For this, however, my 90s CD editions would be enough for me. I think Outside in particular is a very amazing album.
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