Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) featured on Fryars 'Visitors' track

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Out by the end of this month is the debut album "Dark young hearts" by FrYars. Depeche Mode fans will be pleased to know that the song "Visitors" on the album features Dave Gahan on vocals. Quick buyers actually can get the Rough Trade exclusive packet holding a bonus 5-track cd featuring two tracks from the first EP never before on CD, an original mix of "Olive eyes" by Luke Smith and remixes by Get Shakes and Stephen Hague. The debut album from Fryars features production work by Luke Smith (Clor) and Stephen Hague (of New Order, Pet Shop Boys and OMD fame) and is released on their own label, Fryarcorp, which has been funded by fan based investment site Bandstocks.


the video

(from the news story this sounds to be new, but the song has been out since late 2008...the amount of dave in it is very minor, from watching the video

The song is supposedly available for download here: http://www.bandstocks.com/nomoguls/fryars?action=offers
if you sign up on their mailing list - they email a link to the song to dl)
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