Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode): 'Alan was vital to the sound of Depeche Mode'

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The Slovakian website TopStar has a rather interesting video up on their pages. The magazine was one of the few others that managed having a tête-à-tête with the band and during the interview, the journalist also got Dave Gahan to talk about Alan Wilder.

Here is the transcript of what is being said in the video: "We kinda moved on from each other, Alan does his own thing. In retrospect he could have done both and stayed in the band, but he just wanted to leave and do his own thing. When Alan was in the band, what he brought to the band and what he gave musically was immense knowledge and helped us as a band to grow musically and discover new ways of making music, structuring music, layering and landscaping music. Alan was vital to the sound of Depeche Mode right up to the moment he left. The two biggest albums that we released in sales are Violator and SOFAD. You can hear Alan's influence. Can you repeat that now? Who knows, the past is the past you can't recreate it."


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