Dave Gahan and Paul McCartney new things on iTunes.


Dave Gahan - Live set of 7 songs from the SoHo Apple store are available to download for U.S. members. Tracks include "Saw Something, Kingdom, Deeper and Deeper, Use You, Endless, A Little Lie and Miracles.

Paul McCartney - Live at the Electric Ballroom Video Concert. 5 song set opens with the Beatles Drive My Car then goes through his current album Only Mama Knows, Dance Tonight, House of Wax then Nod Your Head.

In the past people have appreciated being notified when certain things are available. Since I am not selling it please do not move to marketplace.


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At 1st I thought this post was going to be about Dave Gahan and Paul McCartney doing a project together....good god...:D


Watching snippets of the DMB show and am very impressed listening to a live version of Fight the Power by Public Enemy. Thanks


I also thought they were working together. :eek:

But if Johnny Marr can join Modest Mouse why can't Paul McCartney join Depeche Mode?


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