Dave Dyment 'Ere Long Done Do Does Did


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Hello everyone, I'm from France and I'm an old 49 woman... ;)
Since I saw a post of one member, I have the dream to get this book, should I say this Graal ...
Is anyone able to help me ?
From France, it is very difficult to find bookshops oversea.
I hope my language is quite understandable, please please please help me in my research...

Have a great day !

Famous when dead

Unfortunately, it was self-published and won't be found in the usual places to buy books.
There are no digital versions and Dave didn't really go all out to promote it.
You could try his store's contact email:
[email protected]
Or perhaps:
[email protected]
The initial copies were very expensive if I recall correctly and his stuff rarely appears on Ebay.
Try the contact emails and bonne chance.
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