Morrissey Central "Dave Chappelle" (April 12, 2023)

No direct Morrissey mention - brief bit about 'artists'.
Dave Chappelle is not believed, however, to be at Pele's house in the footage.
Posted on Twitter and appearing shortly thereafter on Central.
Home of Pele is a Question Mark 🙃
In the real world Chapelle seems more concerned about the filthy poors attacking him than the government.
is that it,was expecting a bit more than a raspberry at the end,looks like a very old clip filmed on a very old phone.
Morrissey can easily get a label - he’s just too picky.
He should approach Colin Jerwood: I’m sure he’d put the albums out on Mortarhate
who is going after him? i don't get it. no one is going after him. he's just creating this illusion and it's honestly very off putting.

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