Morrissey Central "DANA GILLESPIE" (March 26, 2024)


Spent The Day In Bed is one of the tracks featured on the new album by Dana Gillespie, and is released on May 31st. The album is called First Love, and is available on CD, standard black vinyl, and translucent red vinyl. It is produced by Marc Almond and Tris Penna. Dana has released over 70 albums, and her most famous single release so far has been 'Andy Warhol' (RCA, 1974).


Spent The Day In Bed was written by Morrissey and Gustavo Manzur. It is from the 2017 album Low In High School.


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Come on, say it with me…

In Mike Baldwin and soul, in part and in whole.
Oh yeah. Not sure how we drifted onto this topic, but there's already a link between The Smiths and Mike Baldwin actor Johnny Briggs thanks to The Leather Boys film used in the video for Girlfriend in a Coma. Dude really should have been a Smiths cover star! :thumb:

Of course she was the original singer of this beautiful song. It kind of summarises how I feel about Morrissey, "I don't know how to love him/I don't know why he moves me..." ;)

7 out of 11 songs from this album are already available on YouTube, unfortunately among the 4 unavailable ones is still Spent the Day in Bed :straightface:

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