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Heard an interview on Radio4 this morning with a guy who's done a dictionary of historical Naval slang.

One phrase they discussed was 'Dagenham Dave' - it's a Navy term meaning a nutcase, as he is apparently 'one stop short of Barking'.


joe frady

Vile Refusenik
Well, shiver me timbers matey. That's both amusing and interesting. Although the humour does largely depend on an awareness of railway routes in a small corner of England.

Soil Falling Over

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I hear the occasional reference to Dagenham Dave on eastenders -- people making a sideways comment or I once saw a sign with the name in the background. Never knew who it was, but just googled & found he's an unseen character (or seldom seen) who runs a second hand furniture shop in Walford.

I wonder if the name is drawn from this historic reference, or is a nod to Moz. Or maybe Moz noted a sign with the name on his visit to the set???
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